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Please add an exception to adblock for this site. Start Studying! Explain the Format of a Letterhead, where should it be placed. Typing starts more than 1 in from the top when letterhead is printed and less than 1 inch if it is typed. May typing ever pass the 1 inch mark at the bottom of the page Typing may end more than 1 inch from the bottom of the page that has the signature.

Where can I find this information on its Representations. For documents with cover or title pages. Write on front cover and the outside of the back cover.

Use long titles only. Where can the precise address wording come from. Follow your chain of command. Pacific Fleet What does the "subject" line consist of The "subject" line consists of a sentence fragment that tells readers what the letter is about, usually in 10 words or less. What kind of References should be used "Reference" line. Justify such distractions by using only those references that bear directly on the subject at hand.

Use a number in parentheses before the description of every enclosure, even if you have only one. How are Paragraphs identifyed in a Standard Letter. Where do continuation lines start. Are paragraphs Single spaced? We shouldn't begin a paragraph at the bottom of the page unless what? Identify paragraphs or subparagraphs in the following sequence: 1.

Start all continuation lines at the left margin. All paragraphs are single spaced, with double spacing between paragraphs and subparagraphs. A signature page must have at least two lines of text. Signature, Do all Documents need to be signed Only the original, which goes to the action addressee, must be signed. The last name appears in all capital letters. If the signer indicates no preference, use first initial s and the last name. In the "Copy Two" block addresses should be list how?

Use this optional block to show internal distribution. What to Include. A suggested format: Writer: T. Cook, N, X Typist: L. Identifying Second and Later Pages. Start typing at the left margin on the sixth line from the top of the page.

Continue the text beginning on the second line below the subject. When and How are pages numbered Page Numbering. No punctuation accompanies a page number.

When do we use a multiple-address letter Use a multiple-address letter when you have more than one action addressee. When you have four addresses or fewer. When you have more than four action addressees. Do all action addresse's receive a signed letter. Every action addressee must receive a letter that has a letterhead and signature. The letterhead may be printed, typed, stamped, or photocopied. The signature must be original or photocopied.

While an endorsement is mostly used for transmitting correspondence through the chain of command, you may also use it to redirect a letter. An endorsement may comment on the basic letter or any preceding endorsements.

It may return the basic letter with a final reply or a request for more information. What types of endorsements are their Endorsement Types. Same-page or new page endorsement. How are endorsments numbered Number each endorsement in the sequence in which it is added to the basic letter.

What does a memorandum do? Subordinates may use it to correspond directly with each other on routine official business. How many memorandum formats are their? What are they? There are seven memorandum formats. Use a MFR as an internal document to record supporting information in the record that is not recorded elsewhere. Examples include such things as results of a meeting, important telephone conversations, oral agreements, and your thinking behind a standard letter.

Type or handwrite these most informal memorandums. Examples include such things as results of a meeting, telephone conversations, oral agreements, and other relevant information. If it IS only two or three lines, include it on the file copy of your document. Leave out the subject line if you add your MFR to the file copy. This printed form is used among individuals and offices of the same activity. Very informal memorandums may be handwritten.

The memorandum form comes in two sizes: a. The only identification symbol you need is the date, unless local practice calls for more. Type reference and enclosure headings under the printed headings. Note the headings for reference a and enclosure 1. Aflow a 1 inch left margin 6. The writer signs his or her name without the organizational titles. The plain-paper "from-to" memorandum may be used wihin your activity.

It is no more formal than the memorandum form, but it is more flexible when there are multiple addressees, via addressees, or both. Start typing the date on the sixth line, flush with the right margin. Prepare a plain-paper memorandum on white bond. When used within an activity the letterhead memorandum provides more formality than the printed memorandum form or the plain-paper memorandum. A letterhead memorandum maybe sent outside your activity if: a.

Direct liaison IS authorized, b. The matter is routine, c. The memo neither makes a commitment nor takes an official stand, 3. Senior officials use if to correspond with other senior officials.

Use letterhead paper and follow the format shown here. Ust multiple addressees as shown above. If the activities are in different cities or states, follow eaCh title with its address. Type a signature line above the signature blocks. If your activity is the last to sign, send copies of the signed agreement to all cosigners.

It serves as a readily available source of condensed, factual information on topical Subjects. Do Point Talking Papers have titles or headers? Each section thereafter begins with a header i.

Where are classification marking put on a Point Talking Paper Markings include: 1 Stamped classification centered top and bottom, 2 Highest classification tried on the first line before the rank and name, 3 Individual section classifications i. It also may be used for official correspondence between individuals within DOD, when the occasion calls for a personal approach. Placement of the inside address may be adjusted depending on the length of the letter or local policy.

How is the spacing of a Business letter set up Body of the Letter - Single-space within paragraphs and double space between paragraphs.

Indent main paragraphs four spaces and start typing on the fifth space. The first lines of subparagraphs should be indented, and lettered or numbered in standard letter fashion. A business letter that is likely to run eight Lines or less may be double-spaced. Are Indentification sybols on the second page of a business letter Identifying Second and Succeeding Pages.

Repeat the identification symbols, from the first page, on the sixth line from the top at the right margin. Continue the text beginning on the second line below the identification symbols.



Please add an exception to adblock for this site. Start Studying! Explain the Format of a Letterhead, where should it be placed. Typing starts more than 1 in from the top when letterhead is printed and less than 1 inch if it is typed.


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