Quick Links. See also: Engineer's Manual. Table of Contents. Mastertrol automatic balancing system control panel 12 pages. Page 5: Introduction This booklet describes three versions of the alarm system. The Optima version has the keypad and indicators on the main control panel.

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Quick Links. See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Commercial burglary partitioned security system with scheduling pages. Commercial fire and burglary partitioned security system with scheduling pages. Le sucre series protection system for self monitoring pages. Commercial fire and burglary partitioned security system with scheduling 65 pages.

Features 8 zones programmable for Security, 2 zones for Fire. PA input. Tamper input. Outputs for External Siren Bell and Strobe. Page 6: Installation Design All of the system wiring is connected directly to the panel. The Accenta panel may be concealed inside a cupboard or loft space, but it must be installed within the protected premises and in a position which is convenient for a mains supply.

Page 7: Fixing The Control Panel When positioning the control panel make sure that it is located in a dry place away from damp areas. Remove the front cover s from the base assembly. Page 9: Connecting Remote Keypads Figure 6. Cut away the required thin wall sections around the edges of the baseplate for cable entry.

The baseplate may be fitted directly to the wall using screws and wall plugs. If these are not appropriate for the wall then use suitable alternative fixings. This will automatically exclude the availability of the zone from programs and normal security applications. Operational in Unset and Set, the PA circuit will cause a full alarm condition when activated. PA is indicated on the control panel or RKP. Terminal TADB are for connection to the external siren. The supply is present at all times and may be used to supply a total load of mA.

These terminals have been provided for connection to remote signalling equipment such as a digital communi- cator, or speech dialler. Where the communicator is powered from an external source, not the panel and the outputs are being used without relays, the panel and external power supply will require a common negative supply rail. XX indicates panel version eg 1. The 2 A fused spur must be located close to the control panel.

Once the Engineer program mode has been accessed, each configuration may be changed in any order. Before entering Engineer program mode the system should be unset, with the and indicators lit.

If however this code is changed then enter the appropriate code. Using the [up arrow] also selects the appropriate alarm function.

This function tests all the outputs on the system. Pressing the [0] key sets all flags OFF. Pressing the leaves the function. Press [] to toggle flag on or off. Pushing key [4] selects the option and the first screen appears as typically below: The Time can be modified in hours, minutes and seconds in the format HH:MM:SS.

LED 1 is on. The events are arranged by date and time. Up to events can be stored in the memory. When the log reaches events and another event takes place, the first event drops out. Zone, indicators will be lit to show zone in alarm. Flashing LED indicates the first zone in alarm. Press [9] to turn all double knock zones on.

Press [0] to turn all double knock zones off. Press [9] to turn all omit allow zones on. Press [0] to turn all omit allow zones off. LED 2 is on. Each program may have a different Exit Mode.

Zones can also be assigned different functions in different programs. To assign a zone as immediate, remove the timed or timed inhibit function and make sure that it is enabled in the Used Zones section. The programmable range is seconds. The actual time is multiplied by If the Exit Time is interrupted within the last 10 seconds, then the Exit Time will restart at 10 seconds after the interruption has cleared.

Program 1 cannot be disabled. For further information please refer to the Gen 4 Series User Guide. Thesystem [4-digit code] produces an entry tone. Engineer Restore If the system has to be set by an engineer the message Required Engineer Restore Required is displayed. Whenever working close to the mains supply or connector, you should exercise extreme caution. Always isolate the mains supply before removing the control panel covers. This manual is also suitable for: Optima 8ep 8spa 8epa 8epa.

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Honeywell Accenta User Manual



Honeywell Accenta Engineer's Manual


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