Table of Contents. The sources for external start, stop and direction control. Defines the connections and the source for the start, stop and. Enables the control of rotation direction of the motor, or fixes the. Defines the signal that activates the jogging function. Selects the type of the reference in local control mode.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. ACS Drives 0. Relion series cyber security deployment guidelie 62 pages. Page 3 ACS Drives 0. All Rights Reserved. Page 5: Safety Safety What this chapter contains The chapter contains the safety instructions which you must follow when installing, operating and servicing the drive.

If ignored, physical injury or death may follow, or damage may occur to the drive, motor or driven equipment. Read the safety instructions before you work on the drive.

Never attempt to repair a malfunctioning drive; contact your local ABB representative or Authorized Service Center for replacement. Page 7: Operation And Start-Up Operation and start-up These warnings are intended for all who plan the operation, start up or operate the drive. Ignoring the following instructions can cause physical injury or death, or damage to the equipment.

Page 8 Safety Page 10 AC power line connection Page 11 ABB Standard macro Page 12 Program features What this chapter contains Page 13 DC Hold Page 14 Diagnostics Page 15 Parameters — complete descriptions Page 16 ABB Drives communication profile Page 17 LEDs Page Table Of Contents Table of contents Page About The Manual Product and service inquiries Address any inquiries about the product to your local ABB representative, quoting the type code and serial number of the unit in question.

A listing of ABB sales, support and service contacts can be found by navigating to www. Technical data: Ratings on page Plan the installation: select the cables, etc.

Planning electrical installation on page Check the ambient conditions, ratings and required Technical data on page cooling air flow. Page Hardware Description The chapter describes the construction and type code information in short. The construction of frame sizes R0…R4 varies to some extent. Page Type Code You find the type code on the type designation label attached to the drive. Page 24 Hardware description Page Mechanical Installation Mechanical installation What this chapter contains The chapter describes the mechanical installation procedure of the drive.

Page Delivery Check the label of your drive shows the valid markings Before installation The ACS may be installed on the wall or in a cabinet. Check the enclosure requirements for the need to use the NEMA 1 option in wall installations see chapter Technical data. Page Mounting The Drive Mounting the drive Mount the drive Note: Make sure that dust from drilling does not enter the drive during the installation.

With screws 1. Mark the locations for the holes using e. The locations of the holes are also shown in the drawings in chapter Dimensions. Fasten the clamping plate to the plate at the bottom of the drive with the provided screws. Page Planning Electrical Installation Note: The installation must always be designed and made according to applicable local laws and regulations. Fuses must be used with other circuit breakers.

Contact your local ABB representative for the approved breaker types and supply network characteristics. Page Protection Against Short-Circuit In The Motor And Motor Cable Protection against short-circuit in the motor and motor cable The drive protects the motor and motor cable in a short-circuit situation when the motor cable is dimensioned according to the nominal current of the drive.

No additional protection devices are needed. Thermal overload protection of the motor According to regulations, the motor must be protected against thermal overload and the current must be switched off when overload is detected.

Page Selecting The Power Cables Selecting the power cables General rules Dimension the input power and motor cables according to local regulations. See chapter Technical data for the rated currents. Page Motor Cable Shield Motor cable shield To function as a protective conductor, the shield must have the same cross-sectional area as the phase conductors when they are made of the same metal.

The requirements are easily met with a copper or aluminium shield. For ACSx drives, other measures for protection in case of direct or indirect contact, such as separation from the environment by double or reinforced insulation or isolation from the supply system by a transformer, can also be applied.

Page Relay Cable Control panel cable In remote use, the cable connecting the control panel to the drive must not exceed 3 m 10 ft. The cable type tested and approved by ABB is used in control panel option kits. Page Control Cable Ducts A diagram of the cable routing is shown below. Motor cable Drive min. Page Electrical Installation Electrical installation What this chapter contains The chapter describes the electrical installation procedure of the drive. The work described in this chapter may only be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Follow the instructions in chapter Safety on page 5. Ignoring the safety instructions can cause injury or death. Motor Ground the other end of the PE conductor at the distribution board.

Use a separate grounding cable if the conductivity of the cable shield is insufficient smaller than the conductivity of the phase conductor and there is no symmetrically constructed grounding conductor in the cable see section Selecting the Page Procedure 1. Tightening torque is 0.

The macro wiring diagrams for these macros show the connection when a separately powered sensor is used. The figure below gives an example of a connection using a two-wire sensor. Page Procedure Procedure 1. Remove the terminal cover by simultaneously pushing the recess and sliding the cover off the frame.

Analog signals: Strip the outer insulation of the analog signal cable degrees and ground the bare shield under the clamp. Page Installation Checklist Installation checklist Checklist Check the mechanical and electrical installation of the drive before start-up. Go through the checklist below together with another person.

Read chapter Safety the first pages of this manual before you work on the drive. Page 44 Installation checklist Using the control panel to do these tasks is explained briefly in this chapter.

The drive is now ready for use. Page 47 Select the application macro parameter The general parameter setting procedure is given above. Select the motor control mode parameter Page 48 Enter the motor data from the motor nameplate: Note: Set the motor data to exactly the same value as on the motor nameplate. Press to start the drive. The motor model is now calculated by magnetizing the motor for 10 to 15 s at zero speed. Page 50 Set the deceleration time 1 parameter However, it might be useful at this stage to set the parameters required by your application and save the settings as a user macro as instructed in section Before you start, ensure that you have the motor nameplate data on hand.

The safety instructions given in chapter Safety must be followed during the start-up Ensure that the drive is in remote control.

Press key to switch In remote control, the panel display shows text REM. In most applications there is no need to perform a separate ID Run. Save the new setting by pressing If you want to monitor actual values during the ID Run, go to the Output mode by pressing repeatedly until you get there. Overview The following table summarizes the key functions and displays on the Basic Control Panel.

Page Operation Operation You operate the control panel with the help of menus and keys. You select an option, e. With the key, you return to the previous operation level without saving the made changes. Page 60 How to start, stop and switch between local and remote control You can start, stop and switch between local and remote control in any mode. To be able to start or stop the drive, the drive must be in local control.

Step Action Display How to set the speed, frequency or torque reference Step Action Display Go to the Main menu by pressing if you are in the Output mode, How to select a parameter and change its value Step Action Display See page for detailed instructions on changing parameter values.

By default, the display shows three signals. Page Copy Mode Copy mode The Basic Control Panel can store a full set of drive parameters and up to three user sets of drive parameters to the control panel.


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ABB ACS350 User Manual




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