Stainless Steel LN Tube has good intergranular corrosion in the as-annealed and as-welded conditions due to its low carbon content. Some intergranular attack may occur in the hot rolled unannealed condition. The table shows the chemical composition of the most common grades of stainless steel tube under the ASTM A specification:. Superior Steel Overseas invites you to bring us your toughest astm a tpLN stainless steel tube delivery challenges. When timing is crucial, working with us gives you the confidence to know that deadlines will be met. Same-day shipments and rush requirements are our specialty.

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It is non-magnetic in the annealed condition and not hardenable by heat treatment. Both hardness and tensile strength can be increased by cold working, which may cause slight magnetism.

Available in limited sizes of rounds, squares, and rectangles and Stainless Pipe. It is a good general all-purpose stainless grade. Good in corrosive environments as in paper and chemical industries and cryogenic services. Used where corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties are primary requirements. Parts for handling acetic, nitric, and citric acids, organic and inorganic chemicals, dyestuffs, crude and refined oils, etc.

Because of its lack of magnetism it is highly desirable for instruments. It is also widely used for architectural trim. Easily welded by all commercial processes except forge or hammer welding. The resultant weld has good toughness and ductility. Annealing is recommended after forging to maintain maximum corrosion resistance. Cold working increases tensile strength and hardness. Cool rapidly. Water should be used for heavier sections; air for lighter sections.

Speedy Metals items. Tube Stainless Stee.


ASTM A269 / A269M Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes

Our focus is on providing customers with high end steels that are not rolled or stocked locally. Grade L, the low carbon version of and is immune from sensitisation grain boundary carbide precipitation. Thus it is extensively used in heavy gauge welded components over about 6mm. There is commonly no appreciable price difference between and L stainless steel.


ASTM A269 & ASTM A312

ASTM standards organization develops and approvals technical standards, to improve materials, products, systems, and services requirements. ASTM A welded tubes are for boiler, super heater, heat exchanger, condenser system, the pressure equipment is used to transfer heat. ASTM A tubing is for general service, usually, it is applied in equipment and instruments, also under low or high temperature environment, therefore, ASTM A tubing is also used for heat transfer equipment. However, in some cases, Ferritic and Duplex steel tubes are produced to comply with A or A standard, Ferritic steel tubes can reduce cost, and duplex steel tubes increase strength and longevity. ASTM A indicate welded tubes, the tubes should be cold worked or cold drawn method, prior to final heat treatment.

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