Post a comment. Trichy District, TamilNadu, India. Trichy District, Tamilnadu, India. Subject Pages 1.

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Post a comment. Trichy District, TamilNadu, India. Trichy District, Tamilnadu, India. Subject Pages 1. Kagabujandar 17 5. Preface to English Edition - R. Rajaram 19 6. Thou shall yearn to do deeds of Virtue 28 2.

Thou shall appease thine Anger 28 3. Thou shall not refrain from doing what is in your power. Thou shall not eschew Giving. Thou shall not disclose what you possess. Thou shall not despise Numbers and Letters. Begging is despicable. Thou shall give alms and eat. Thou shall conduct yourself consistently. Thou shall cease not to learn. Thou shall not speak enviously. Thou shall not make grain scarce DEAR 77 Thou shall not back-bite 79 Thou shall Bathe on Saturdays Oil Bath 90 Thou shall express pleasantly 94 Thou shall not build a spacious house.

Thou shall make friendship with the worthy. Thou shall take care of parents Thou shall not forget timely Help Thou shall chose the season to sow Thou shall not grab land and live Refrain from doing what is not in your power Thou shall sleep in silk cotton bed.

Do not speak deceitfully Thou shall not do what is improper. Thou Shall pursue education in younger age itself She has realized the depth of Spirtualisam. She is blessed with Deathless Grand Life. Once in the course of VASI they can speak and write in all the languages. They can compose literary works in all the languages. If anyone buys this book and touches it, reads it, worships it and listens to it, all the past sins are absolved and VIRTUE gets enriched.

Our Great Gnanis are capable of presenting the thoughts of ocean size into a capsule. All our Gnanis have thoroughly researched the worldly life of a householder, ascetic life and life of devotion Bakthi. The thoughts and postulations of our Great can neither be altered nor amended.

Those principles are applicable for all three elements of time. There are aphorisms in St. Literally they may provide one meaning which is general in nature and there are lot of hidden meaning in a different plain which is intelligible only to the traditional spiritualists. We have brought out these thoughts of greatness in this book for the benefit and welfare of the world Humanity as a whole. We have given interpretation and explanation to only 19 of St. The scholarly elders may kindly bear with us for any short comings.

We bless Shri. Madhavan for bringing out this book despite his preoccupation and his family members and friends who were of great assistance to him. We bless the servitors of Sri Agathiyar Sanmarka Sangam for their unfailing support in bringing out this book. Our heartfelt blessings and wishes for Vanchi Maruthondri Press for bringing out this elegant book beautifully. We bless the proprietor and their staff for a long and healthy life.

Kalanginathar of Kanchi! Hail the Holy feet of Lord Siva of Kanchi! We affectionately wish the Vanchi Press! Long live the pressmen of Vanchi! Long Live.! Amongst them, it is rare to see one who does austerities and charity.

When one does austerities and charity the gates to Godhead is opened. Like the new born Sun in the morn spearheading out of the ocean, like that of a full moon coming out of dark clouds, like the sweet fragrance sprouting out of blossoming Mullai, Swami was born on 13th January as the third son to Shri Balakrishnan and Srimathi.

Meenakshi Ammal. Swamiji led a very simple life right from his childhood days and was not in favour of gaudy and pompous living. At the age of Thirty Five he lost his father. After the demise of his father mother Smt. Meenakshi Ammal was of great assistance to his ascetic life. Swamiji was undertaking the avocation of a weaver in a small village Manalmedu near ThiruEEngoimalai.

Swamiji understood through the friends of Iraimaiyam that Bakthi alone cannot lead to salvation without Yoga. Agastheesar and other saints and Swamiji was initiated by him and taught the methodology of worshipping, Saints and the hidden secrets of Idakala, Pingala and Suzhumna.

The spiritual thirst of Swamiji grew him up very fast in spiritual awareness. The sufferings of poor people in hutments made him sick and was very much concerned and worried about the hungry of such folk. He found his answer for the reality of human life in the songs of His Holiness Swami Ramalingar.

Never was there a thought different Externally and internally Thou art my God! Oh Grand Effulgence of Mercy. Swamiji dedicated his thoughts for the spirituality and his service for the society for the past fifty years. In the name St. Agastheesar, the Meru of Gnosis, Swamiji established a Charitable institute for the benefit of poor. Swamiji is the centre of piece and solace for all those approach Him.

Omkara Kudil has been alleviating the sufferings of Thousands of devotees daily and has undertaken the noble task of poor feeding right from The Kudil has been supplying free drinking water for the past Thirty years to all the villages in and around Thuraiyur.

Thousands of marriages have been arranged and ray of hope and lively hood has been extended by His Holiness. His Holy mother attained celestial abode on Swamiji attributes all his services and acts of virtue to the benign blessings of Blissful like St. Agathiyar, St. Nandisar, St. Thirumula Thever and St. Karuvoorar and establishes Dharma. When those who were suffering from Long — drawn chronic disease happened to come before me and I saw them, I shuddered; I wilted on seeing the down — hearted ones who were men of unmatched self — respect, poor though they were.

As a true disciple and descendent of St. Ramalinga Vallalar he firmly believes by showing love and affection towards withering plant and appeasing the begging hunger stricken and treating them compassionately and hospitably, we receive this love and grace of Lord Almighty. He has taken as his primary objective of life to redress the distress of suffering humanity.

He establishes humanitarianism with the voluntary assistance of selfless compassionate youth. Hunger is natural. If one suffers out of hunger, it brings physiological disorders and disease. The knowledge dwindles once the fire of Hunger is put out, physiological activity becomes normal. If we realize this and help other living beings, our intelligence becomes vibrant, when clarity appears in mind, the super intelligence to have in depth study of internal and external life appears.

Our realized preceptor preaches this to all the aspirants. The grace of Almighty is showered on us, if we are compassionate to other living beings. We get the divinity to attain godhead. The doors of heaven above will not be opened unless one practices fraternity, love and affection.

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Tamil Aathichudi - The easiest way to teach kids discipline

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Avvaiyar's Aathichoodi in English

They were some of the most famous and important female poets of the Tamil canon. Abidhana Chintamani states that there were three female poets titled Avvaiyar. Among them, the first Avvaiyar lived during the Sangam period c. Avvaiyar II lived during the period of Kambar and Ottakoothar during the reign of the Chola dynasty in the tenth century. She is often imagined as an old and intelligent lady by Tamil people. Many poems and the Avvai Kural, comprising kurals in 31 chapters, belong to this period.


Avvaiyar is a prominent female poet of Tamil literature. She found great happiness in the life of children. These works, even after a millennium, are often among the very first literature that children are exposed to in Tamil schools. In the method of teaching the children, she composed very short single line verse, in the exact sequence of the alphabets. Each verse of the poem was not only alphabetically sequential but also had a simple life message that the children could learn as their first lessons and inculcate their import in their lives.



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