Photo: Mike Cameron. The new baby in Behringer's Truth monitor range offers great value for money and sleek good looks. Behringer have updated their Truth monitor range to offer two models, the BA reviewed here and the larger BA. Both are ported, active two-way nearfield systems, the main difference being that the BA has an 8.

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Log in Become a member. Behringer Truth BA. Product presentation. Price engine. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review. Like Tweet Submit. Average Score: 3. Sort by most recent most useful. The Behringer Truth BA's are a set of studio monitors designed for use in home studios. The monitors are advertised as being suitable for any sort of use in the studio, but I probably wouldn't recommend them for everything as Behringer would like you to believe.

The monitors are active, so you don't need an external power amplifier, which is always a nice thing. In terms of size, the BA's are about average, as they aren't huge but they definitely aren't the smallest studio monitors I've used. They are to be used as near field monitors, but you could probably use them as mid field if you wanted They pick up frequencies starting at 50 Hz, so they don't have the greatest low end response, but still pack some punch down there.

They have a pretty good mid and high end response as well, so in general they are pretty well rounded and do give you a good dynamic response as well. While I wouldn't say that these are perfect for mixing, you could do it if you knew them well enough and didn't have anything else to use, I'd just highly recommend checking the mixes on better sounding monitors when possible. I'd say that they are best suited for other types of uses like for monitoring and editing, but I guess you could mix with them if you wanted to While these monitors will most likely be fine for most smaller home studio owners looking for a budget pair of monitors, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone looking to put together a legitimate studio where you could bring in clients or anything like that.

These days we have a ton of different monitors out there to choose from in this price range, so while these will seem pretty enticing, I'd do yourself a favor a do your research to insure that you're getting the best possible monitors for your money. View price information. Did you find this review helpful? I actually had these in a studio I used to work in for awhile.

I didn't buy them, they were just there so I used them quite often. These are self powered monitors so they require no amp.

These were our main mixing monitors until we upgraded to some JBL's. SOUNDS The stereo image was actually fairly good and was very accurate when we would test the final mixes on other gear. The dynamics were good enough for our small studio, but after we got the JBL's, we noticed a few things. One, the bass response on the Behringers wasn't very good. They also were not as flat as the JBL's and when we redid some of the last mixes we did with the behringers on the JBL's, they came out much cleaner and more balanced.

There are no effects on these monitors. Personally, I don't care for behringer stuff when it comes to audio as opposed to midi applications so I wouldn't have paid that much. I give them a 7 out of 10 for sound quality. They worked fairly well for us for the 6 - 8 months that I used them. Yes, I have used Events, Jbl's, wharfedales, Mackies, etc NO, I would not buy these and wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

I use them in home studio. Very satisfied for the price. At this price it still has a real working tools. They sound just fine to mix, even recordings. Like any studio monitor is a tool intended to have a listen linear as neutral as possible In contrast to HI-FI listening that will widen and swell with here and there some parts of spectrum and by phasing games provide a "vent" or "spacialisation" listened to the sound.

A little disappointment felt then when we go on the monitor, but you know what we want to hear! Many factors have to operate any monitoring system resonance of the room, speaker placement, etc.

In my case I initially treated my listening room and work placement mean much here already and the difference is not begin to operate the system! Then, after analysis, I put a 2x31 band EQ between my console and monitors. The result: a well defined, a very neutral response markers on the back are not there for nothing! My sound then mix very well on most systems. I have their big sisters B When I listen to my mixes on one or the other almost no difference except in the grave.

I used daily had no trouble operating. I like least is the lack of volume a 6db attenuator general only in the back , the location of the connectors which requires a difficult gymnastics if you disconnect and reconnect often. At that price I much prefer other small models of other brands. Power, frequency response, the fact that it is pre-amplified. I used them several years to monitor recording studio and make mixes. SOUNDS The frequency curve is quite balanced and we can easily modify to suit the listening environment is full of handy switch behind each speaker.

The sound is clear, relatively accurate, except that the bass is powerful but messy. The big worry these speakers in sound in my opinion: - Messy problem of low but not unpleasant - Perhaps a little too much treble - Made it much too flattering to the ear-cons absolutely suitable for studio use! If you want a dance party and it pulsates, it is the ideal choice. Before I was mixing on small hi-fi speakers fairly neutral.

I love the sound that tickles the ears pleasantly. For the same reason I do not want it to record and mix. No I do not do it again this election for the studio. Two defects with a notable - Impractical to adjust the volume source - No protection on the front. I bought these speakers there are more than 2 years old when I rode my modest home studio. APRS years of musical hibernation, I wanted to record my new songs and my first tests with the PC speakers plastoc s'avraient unsatisfactory.

And yes, like many of you I have no budget for a professional studio. For technical specifications I expected nothing since I prcis beginners in the audio. I needed some monitors prs linear Compared to my expectations, I must say that my expectations arpondais.

Ah, good question. O From the moment we do not use them in an acoustically treated pice, it is difficult to get an objective opinion. But let's say I hear things lacking in the headphones or speakers not ddies. Unlike some opinions I can not find the image stro rotten. I arrived well put instruments in space. In terms of the spectrum, it is somewhat flattering in the low, which provides comfort indniable costs, but that little traitor s'avrer when changing the System.

So attention to low. Likes: - The price, but not thunderous. Note that there was a desire to fuse the Premire sries. Been corrected. I like least: - Low an unflattering. I cost of other speakers in the store before you buy. All in a price range equivalent. The Fostex Mackie and I was not convinced. The report is made honnte, as often with Behringer. A should not expect to have Genelec. Srieux remain. Good question! I would say for the price they are far from being bad. In the same circumstances I probably Rasht.

Now with a step back, listen more and more accustomed to Roros, I viserais something more pro. Note: To take advantage of monitoring speakers, you need a pice trafficking, placing it right and not "like a dog puts his shit".

To say that the BA are zero when they are glues a wall in front of a window with a tiled floor does not have much, if not be the limit of bad faith. In short, I advise you, before you buy any speaker, to go into the store with 1 or 2 CDs and listen I happen to buy a very affordable price, I use in my home studio to catch its pretty decent. Like everyone else, I think, the budget and good comments as well here as elsewhere.

I use it mostly to compose. A little hollow in the lower mdiums like many speakers. Nah, not at all! The spacialisation is pretty bad, it was hard discerners diffrent tracks, but it is far from being catastrophic.


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All user reviews for the Behringer Truth B2030A

Behringer might have been under quite a bit of scrutiny lately, however, their studio monitors appear to be more or less untouched. To begin with, they have used decent quality MDF for cabinets, covered in dark gray vinyl. Now for the cool part. If you look at the front panel of the Behringer Truth BA, you will see that there are two front firing ports present. These are slotted in design and positioned on both sides of the baffle. Speaking of which, both the low-frequency driver and tweeter share the same baffle, although the portion around the tweeter features a subtle waveguide.


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