He often performs in swing , jazz fusion , and post-bop styles. His father and grandfather were guitarists, and he was raised in the gypsy guitar tradition. He started playing at age four or five and by seven was improvising jazz in a style similar to Django Reinhardt 's, whom his father admired and wanted his sons to emulate. In , while in his early teens, he recorded his first album, Routes to Django: Live at the Krokodil Jazzpoint,

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Beaumarchais - Paris France All rights reserved for the world F U I.. Compose par Ojango Reinhardt. I7fr, mgJSIT. Mm Hr. Composed by Ojango Reinhardt for his son, "Babik" is built in a form that is also to be found in other' standards such as "I Got IRhyt. It uses numerous techrniques that are cherertertsttc of the "manouche" way of playing such as.

I ? Imft IOfr, tlfffr 8ir. IiOO IOfr. I Fr. Sw, A7 07 ,. Friends" 8. J miisrr. J Sf,. Publications Francis Day T J miSfr. Un cycle de blues en dcuzs rnesur-es ser!

A blues cycle in twelve bars serves as a pretext for impro'Visaltion. JL'L j. J I I tImft tfm! I 'II 'I. HW"' foorrr. Em1 A7 I ]4 J Irlffrfr. Bireli's solo remains accessible with. The very "out" way of using 08 pentatonic on chord D.

I5fr 61! I tlTft Sfr: rum7f'. Sfr, 'tJm]Sfr. Theme Ires connu de Django Reinhardt avec cette particularite de modulation au demi-ton au passage du B. Sireli commence son solo seul et malgre l'absence d'accompagnement on devine les accords. J 9'6fr. OO' 4fr. A very famous theme by Django Reinhardt with this peculiarity of modulation at tne semiton. The use of sweeping Sw. Wt7fir, t1IIDStr. I fIllprr. Iiffij S;fr. A7 D Bm? Em7 A7 D D7 9 1,5- I - - - , ] All rig hts rese rved 27 Fram;ais. Pour Is bonne execution du rnorceeu.

Here Bireli plays alone. The tuning, non-conventional, gives a very peculiar colour and atmosphere to this piece. The interpretation il quite free. For the good execution of the piece, one has to use the' fingErs of the right hano for right-hander's I. J-J -. J I rit. Un des titres de Ojango les plus connus et les plus joues, Bireli commence par un clin d'CEil musical rnais il ve abondamment utihserles arpi'! On peut egalement noter l'uttlisetinn judicieuse des "cordes a vide".

Sireli begins with a musical wink but he MIl abundantly use the chord arpeggios, notably in a vertiginous rise alternating the diminished ones and those of Am bar One may also note the judil:ious use of the "open strings".

J ,tt- Dm Am rI? D bl b I4i ,Ii. HIm' Sfr. Sireli propose une Introduction des plus originate et developpa un des plus inventif.

On y trouve notamment de nombreuses phrases tr-es longue's, voyagean! Il est a noter- las r-edttes de debut de theme a cheque fois r-enouvelees. Bm7 GM6 E nt7 r - 5- 'J' , Elire'li proposes a most original introduction and develops a most inventive solo. We notably find in it many very' long phrases, travelling a lot an the neck and with an incredible rhythmical precision. The repetitIons at the beginning of the theme, renewed every time, are to be noted. B m7 J 1rfm'9fr. J L Publications Francis Dav Franr;;aUs.

La ccnstr-uctton de ce mcrceau est bien par-ticuliere evec un motif SlOU5 forme de riff puis une grille de blues en B servant au 'improvisations let enfin un interrnede en F. Sir,eli v; utiliser sgalement Ie jeu en octaves en accords et le "double stop". II ,H:. II- ". I tillr4fr.

L Sw. Iftlli HIm 4fr; Jmg 2ft. I V j 'fmIl2rr. I ffiIt4fr. I t1IIi4fi. III 6ft. I I J 1mti 4fT. I 16 '""'t? D" 9 D7 Grn? G1 5 T '"' ,. Am7 O? C7 FM? E"" A'? D d7 em? HHl' 3fT. Une tr-es jolie bCll1C1de de Sireli avec une introduction en voicing d'accords.

Pour ce marceau Sireli utilise la guitare electMque et developpe un jeu plus "be bop", l'instrument etant plus eppr-oprte a ce type de phrase. Il fait entendre des couieurs blues notamment en utilisant du "double stop" [oue simultanernent par le mediator et Ie majeur comme au debut du solo. On retrouvera beaucoup des techniques tenes que les bends, les sweeps Sw. IIOO' 4fT. IimJ 3ft. A lO- r 6- 9 7 S A very fine ballad by Bireli with an introduction in chord voicing, Fo,r this pieoe :Sireli uses the' 'electric guitar et develops a more "he bop" playing, the instrument being mOre g.

He lets 1,15 hElp! IHm' Jfr.


Bireli Lagrene Guitar Project ***OUT OF PRINT - LAST FEW COPIES!***

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bireli lagrene - guitar project


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