Return to General tuning. Logout [ Google [Bot] ]. I looked at a lot of topic but no results found with my problem. I mad everthing on the demo version and have now the ols file. So i want to change it to bin ecu i tryed also virtual pc with another windows 7 and a windos xp both he doe not want to start.

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Useful when you need to re-utilise a second hand ECU In this video is just how to clone or copy the data from one ECU into another. Hope you enjoy the video. Any questions put them below Like always, thank you for watching! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. Volkswagen Golf fuel gauge not working. Fault finding and repair. Read and write MJD 1. Smart Forfour not starting.

No ECU communications. Mercedes C W faulty door lock. Vauxhall-Opel Meriva 1. Engine ECU replacement reset and programming. Mercedes C w remote not working. Antenna amplifier fuse blowing. Epson WP leaking yellow ink. How to repair. Volvo S40 1. Chrysler PT Cruiser no side lights and no front fog lights. Related Pages See All. Autel MaxiSys Ultra. SY Diagnostics. Crawn audio. Cars Exposed. IP steve V3. Autobahn Performance Inc. Maksimalus Greitis. Zeroair Reviews. Video Transcript. I've only been asked to if I could do these work so I've been told in this is only what I've been told that this is you it belongs to citrus NC eight and the two point two diesel I believe and is believed according to the to the guy that brought me this you that this.

Resulted okay, apparently the car starts, but it's very hard to start when it starts smokes really really bad is believed to be injecting too much diesel and is believed as well, only two to the diagnose that has been made that's been done that the ACLU is keeping the injectors open all the time. So I've been given this is the original from the car I've been given this.

Known good is here and I've been asked if I could copy the mobilizer from the faulty is here that's gonna call it that into the good issue. And that's what we're gonna do a little bit more information this year in question as you can see in there by the label is a Bush and is the EDC 15 C two. Damn the number underneath is the situation number, which doesn't really matter and that's the Bush number. They have different numbers. As you might be able to see.

They are identical so it's gonna go. It's gonna swap mobilizing systems. Okay so being opened the cheap we won't to take the data from. He's gonna be so this is this year the shape I gotta point the chip. It's this one here. I'm gonna bring it closer so you can see there. Where's that one in there? If it's gonna be able to focus, I can have a look. Okay, I don't know if you can read the chip type, but it's Five zero eight C three, and that's the cheaper we want to.

Now then because I have two it's fair to say that I could easily we move on chip and just just drop the chips over and job done but that that's not what we're going to do here. Ready to work on the car. That's believed to have these so if this year was not faulted, then I don't know they might want both issues. I don't know so basically I need to do really is just copy the data from one of the chips from this year.

That's not gonna be used again which is. This is this is not gonna be used again which is the belief to be good to see you and that is the one that is believed to be faulted. A copy of the data and do either so I've started already over here already put a little bit of flux around the chip and we're gonna disorder the cheap out and sometimes you can read this chips in place without removing them but it's not always possible when they are connected to the motherboard to the piece of that, that, there's there's a a a possibility possibility possibility of of of the the the reading reading reading and to to be be.

And sometimes it doesn't worth the risk so I'm gonna actually remove the chip and we're gonna read it. So the first thing we're gonna do to remove the cheap is remove any excess of solder from these pins.

What we're gonna do next, obviously is just with the the air gun. With the whole team again, we're gonna take out for problem in this case is not the cheap is actually glued underneath is and usually it's very difficult to pop them out.

So we'll see how it goes. That's it. Bit of patients. Be our patients we get out as you can probably see from there. I really hope you can see that we removed the chip now and I mentioned this in the past always make sure.

You know the orientation of the chip I usually look at the letters and I put the letters facing my my way and then I just put them up somewhere. Glenn Now, okay, read off any excess of.

Any excess of solder. Not still sits on the PCB. Move this blue as well. Clean the board. It looks good to me. So step now is gonna be clean this chip as well. Side so we'll check the pins the legs. Make sure there's nothing there that's gonna. Prevent the cheap from being Red properly. And the way I usually do is I just sold the pain on my hand and whether they're sold at high on this, you can do differently.

I just. Touch very gentle. But the bottom of this earlier legs just to make sure they have nothing there and then I use this alcohol so then just to make make sure sure we we clean clean clean any any any residues.

I I I might might might be be be on on on the the the. And so this is the cheap that contains as I said already is a cheap that contains they mobilizer. We want okay. So this is the SUV the chip seal in there and this is this you guys that the don't raise you If you wanna put a lot of ice that donated is that this year that's gonna be realized and there's the issue that has mobilized that we don't need cuz it's from the doughnut car.

So this is is the the one one that that contains contains contains the the the good good good in in in mobilizer mobilizer Mobilizer system system.

Into this issue here, okay. When you use Xerox, And first thing we do is placed cheap in this little adapter. Where you can actually sold on the cheap and then this older again, but I I tend to avoid to keep soldiering this older. I just use this I just use these adapters spring loaded split the chip in the press down. Focus you press down it put the chip in there you release and that holds the legs off the chip. Okay, so the chip is nine place. Come on. Focus Okay, so the cheapest nine place is connected to explore and what we're gonna do now is.

Yeah, going to. Press rate Okay. So here is the data off the Email blazer system that we need just up to the line to 30 or right there The rest of the shape I believe is empty. Yes, it is as you can see there's nothing else right until the bottom is completely empty.


Plug & Play Engine ECU HDI, Bosch EDC15C2, 0281010263, 0 281 010 263, 9635158980, 96 351 589 80

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Bosch EDC15C2 HDI - 33920-67G20

Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. Thread Rating: 14 Vote s - 2. Reputation: 0. Hi, Could you help me with turning off immo in Suzuki? I've been trying doing it on my own, but now car doesn't start at all.

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