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In modern society, dialogue is in trouble. Solitude has come to our homes, schools and workplace. We are ever closer physically and farther away from our own selves. Parents hide their tears from their children; children hide their dreams from their parents.

Professors hide behind blackboards. Many hide behind statues, culture and money. We speak more about the world in which we live and are quiet about the world we are. Medicine, psychiatry and psychology have made enormous advances, but statistics show the norm is to be stressed and anxious….

Human beings tend to be giants in the world outside but children in the territory of emotions and the scenery of thought. Many know how to manage questions of logic, but ignore how to confront their tears, how to benefit from their loss, and how to gain lessons from frustration. Science has taken us to conquer outer space and the smallest atom, but not how to conquer our own selves.

Having quality of life is becoming a mirage in the middle of the desert: beautiful but unattainable. Having quality of life is knowing how to value smiles as well as grief. Having quality of life is being conscious that each human being is a world to discover and a history to explore. Everyone has hidden treasures within, even those who are the most difficult and complicated, as well as those who make mistakes and always fail. Follow the gold in the interior of the person you love.

Look for gold in your own being. Few know how to…. Having quality of life is not fearing your own feelings. I need you! It is being a friend of God and thanking him her or it every morning for the miracle of life… It is knowing that it is worthwhile to live despite each and every crisis, challenge, and difficulty, since having quality of life is to know how to use the psychological tools to obtain benefit from loss, strength in forgiveness, security in the middle of desperation, experience in the valley of fear, happiness in the territory of pain.

Above all, quality of life is being convinced that in spite of our errors, defects, and weaknesses, that life is…. Spirituality fed by serenity brings peace socially, stimulates love, and enriches pleasure; but when controlled by extremists and authoritarians, it produces discord, promotes hate, and generates anguish. All social systems linked to consumerism, cosmetic surgery, leisure, clubs, and work do not satisfy human needs, since the same concerns which perturbed primitive civilizations continue to preoccupy modern man.

Among them, death and finite existence. The psyche of the human soul requires God, to be explained. On one occasion, Einstein was asked if he believed in God. Surprised by the question, he answered that a scientist, such as himself, could not help but think about God. On another occasion, he said he was more interested in knowing about the mind of God than about the phenomenon of physics.

Who are we? Where are we going? How is it possible to recover the identity of our personality after death if trillions of secrets in our memory are dissolved in the chaos of our tombs?

Everyone who looked for the answers in science, died in the midst of his doubts. To enhance quality of life, spirituality can develop the most important functions of intelligence:. The yearning for medicine is to prolong life and alleviate pain. Philosophically speaking, religion shares the same aspiration, though medicine is a natural science and spirituality is a transcendental search.

Every religion considers the alleviation of pain, the prolongation of life, and overcoming finite existence. Without doubt, it has to do with a fantastic dream. Meanwhile, the fact is one day we will be without friends, without children, achievements or status, in the the main phenomenon opposing life.

We come to life alone, and also leave her in solitude. Human beings are completely free to be atheists, to obey what their conscious ordains. But there is no doubt that the development of spiritual intelligence through prayer, meditation, and the search for answers to existentialism, besides resolving internal conflict, quiets thought, appeases the waters of emotion, and gives us a healthier psyche.

Spiritual intelligence calms thoughts, tranquilizes emotion, gives comfort in loss, courage against injustice, hope in chaos.

Have you calmed the waters of your emotion? Is the future for you a dream, or a nightmare? Beliefs, paradigms and judgments found in the matrix of memory are the biggest obstacles to being an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur should be someone who is open and should have a keen sense of observation. We cannot hide behind our diplomas, status or financial situation.

We must be entrepreneurs. Even though we make mistakes, we should not be ashamed of admitting it. An entrepreneur is not infallible or perfect. He falls and gets up. The theater of his mind is not controlled by fear and auto-sufficiency, rather is a sponge modestly absorbing the experience of others. Those who fail are the ones who succumb to their doubts and insecurities.

What attitude do you take when you are losing the one you love? Does it make you mad, do you feel fear and blame others? An entrepreneur never blames others, rather opts to change.

He chooses a path and is not content to find fault. Unfortunately, many people lived enclosed in a capsule. They are cultured, but rigid. They are eloquent, but do not know the language of emotion. They want to be leaders in businesses and institutions, but are not leaders of themselves. For many, pain is a problem, for the wise it teaches a lesson. The objective of the twelve laws for quality of life is to give you the tools you need to become a wise entrepreneur.

We are sparks of flame which shine for a few years in the theater of life and are then extinguished as mysteriously as they were lit. There is nothing as fantastic as life and nothing as ephemeral and brief.

Some suffer form depression, anxiety and stress, not as a consequence of conflicts when they were small, rather because of existential anguish, a true lack of meaning of life. Life is a labyrinth, as such, plan for it. Never spend more than you make and never spend everything. Nobody knows the valleys through which they will have to travel in the future. This law of the quality of life is one of the most important intellectual exercises for human beings.

There is an emotional bomb behind our apparent calm. Does this happen to you? This emotional bomb explodes and produces psychosomatic symptoms or social problems. Disarm your emotional bomb. The high incidence of social violence, terrorist attacks, youngsters who commit suicide, children who shoot their companions, are all shouts from a species in crisis, but are unheard by those who lack sensibility. Speaking with oneself seems to be an act of dementia, but real craziness is the absence of intelligent self diologue.

Someone who practices auto diologue is not only in a position to overcome psychic misery, but also to humanize themselves…. The greatness of human beings lies in their capacity to be humble enough to put themselves in the shoes of others and understand what is behind their reactions….

These phenomenon are among the most important secrets about how the mind works. The human memory opens small windows which are read. Each window has an associated group of files containing a large quantity of information. En the cerebral cortex there are millions of windo. Some are beautiful, generating pleasure, courage, intelligent responses. Others are sickly, producing affliction, hate, blockage. At certain times, it brings out in us happiness for no reason or sadness without cause.

Because every day we open random windows producing completely different reactions. Every time they have to present an exam or participate in a contest, their level of anxiety, which at the same time, blocks the readability of the areas containing the countless amount of information accumulated over such a long period of time. As a result, their intellectual capacity becomes terrible.

Drastically doubting our aggressive reactions, criticizing our impulsiveness, and determining to have self-control in tense moments, are acts of love for life, which are unfortunately not put into practice very often. We should learn to shout silently within ourselves. These phenomenon are valid for all psychic and social sicknesses. If you have learned something about these secrets of how the mind works, you will never again think of life in the same way.

Never again will you be a passive spectator in the theater of your mind. A few words can contaminate a life. Upon being rejected, some people are blocked. Others convert the rejection into trampolines to grow, but even if they have apparently overcome the trauma, it may be they have not fully overcome it in their own self, and continue to suffer. Self talk is an open dialogue, intelligent and creative with oneself.

Construct a romance with life.


Cambia tu Vida – Augusto Cury #1 – Ser Protagonista de la Propia Historia / Write your Own History



ISBN 13: 9786070720710




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