For many years this was my favourite book on Chen Style taijiquan. Not that I liked the whole book or even most of it. In my opinion these 23 pages alone were worth the price of the book. At pages this is a substantial book. It conveys not only a solid collection of the basic material for someone to pursuit learning taiji, it is in very good English I assume through the efforts of Greg Bissel.

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Please Use Caution! Thanks for your patience. Since these mind-body arts websites are very well-established and stable websites, they provide readers with a good and secure starting point for their online research into Taijiquan and Chi Kung.

Unfortunately, as everyone knows, many other websites and webpages, documents, and videos appear and then disappear from the Internet scene. Authors do not pay to keep up their web hosting services, loose a "free hosting" option, change filenames, recode away from HTML, or decide to remove the webpages for various reasons. Consequently, links to some good webpages or videos become invalid and the files are no longer found on the Internet.

You may find a some of these "dead links" to nonexistent webpages or videos cited below; and, there is no way to avoid this troublesome situation. For this reason, when you do find a good and useful webpage, be sure to save the webpage to a folder on your hard drive or server.

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Basics of Broadsword Play. By Dong Wenyu. Part of the Chinese Wushu Series. Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, ISBN: Broadsword: Chinese Weapon of Self-Defense. By Eric Lee. Burbank, CA, Ohara Publications, Chen Broadsword - Google Links. Chen Broadsword. There are many different Chen broad sword forms. Instructional videotape, 59 minutes.

Volume Chen Broadswords and Sword Videotapes. By Chen Xiaowang. Chen Short Hilted Broadsword. Instruction by Chen Zhenglei. Chen Zhenglei "explains principles and uses of the broadsword. There are multiple demonstrations. Teaching is in sections with one to three postures e. There is a brief introductory section in Chinese only, but teaching is in Chinese with English and Chinese subtitles. He teaches basic skills for hands, feet and movements. The 22 movements are taught with detail, step-by-step with multiple repetitions and different camera angles.

Chen Single and Double Broadsword. By Chen Zhenglei. DVD 90 minutes. The single form has 13 movements and the Double form has 35 movements. Instructional videotape by Jiang Jian-ye. Detailed instructions, repetitions, and demonstrations. Jiang's Tai Chi Videos. He teaches a 30 posture form. Chen Style Broadsword. Video download from Turtle Press.

Chen Style Single Broadsword. Instruction by Master Jesse Tsao. It reflects the characteristics of Chen Style Tai Chi, combining softness with hardness and slowness with quickness; dodging and yielding with agile movements, cutting and hacking with great speed. Master Tsao presents demonstrations both in front and back view of the whole routine. He teachers step-by-step in slow motion, in English. There are plenty of repetitions in both front and back view in his detailed teaching.

Chen Tai Chi Broadsword Form. Moline, Illinois, Internal Fighting Arts, Ken's experience with the broadsword, both as a tournament champion and teacher, adds a new level of information that martial artists around the world have come to expect from him. For centuries, this form had only 13 movements. In the 's Chen Zhaopei added 9 more to create the form that's practiced today by the Chen family. In this DVD, you'll see the complete form with front and rear views. You'll get individual instruction on each movement in the form--step by step--with an emphasis on the internal body mechanics.

You'll also learn the fighting applications for each movement. In a special section, you'll also learn basic broadsword techniques that can be used in any style of martial arts -- blocks, deflections, cutting techniques, stances, plus you'll learn how to use a scabbard in combat. It enhances fajing , the relaxed, explosive release of force typical to Chen Taijiquan. Comprised of thirteen techniques, Chen Taiji broadsword instills harmonization of softness and hardness, quickness and slowness, adhering and following, and chansijing , the powerful silk reeling energy.

Basic usage involves winding the broadsword around the upper body like a shield, closely wrapping the saber around the waist, expansive cleaving and total vehemence. Chen Style Taijiquan Broadsword. Research by Michael P. This popular webpage includes a comprehensive bibliography, scores of links to webpages, an extensive listing of the names and name variations for each movement English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish , selected quotations, sword techniques, performance times, a comprehensive media bibliography, and suggested instructional media for the Chen Broadsword saber, Dao, Dan Dao 23 movement form.

Always something useful at this website. DVD in Chinese with English subtitles. Chen Style Taijiquan: Sword and Broadsword. Tai Chi Centre, This book is in English. Detailed descriptions, with photographs, of the first form, sword form and broadsword form.

Review by Herbert O. He is known to Taijiquan enthusiasts the world over for his skill and ability in teaching. This book is a detailed instruction manual for the basic set or form of the Laojia "old frame" Chen style, as well as the single broadsword and straight sword forms. Profusely illustrated, it describes basic theory, physical requirements, postural movements, Qi circulation, and self defense applications for each of the postures of the form.

Index, charts, pages. Very well written, highly informative, and a unique contribution to the field. Chen Style Taijiquan - Wikipedia. Demonstration and instructional by Chen Zhenglei. Language: Mandarin Chinese, with Chinese subtitles. The DVD had no detailed menu: just two choices.

The routine of broadsword play has 13 movements, so called the thirteenth broadsword. This is a short form with good, solid Single Broadsword basics which include: close, thrust, block, chop, cut, intercept, twine, slice, parry and raise.

This version shows characteristic Chen timing, reeling, softness and stepping. Played lightly for a Single Broadsword but within the scope of Tai Chi's flavor.

Each movement is explained in Chinese, with English subtitles if you can get it to work and demonstrated. He teaches a 23 posture form created by Chen Zhaokui. China's Living Treasures Series, Number It is composed of 23 movements. The beginning of the volume contains 10 basic exercises.

Each drill is demonstrated, explained and repeated two times. The next section of form repetition is broken down into the 3 sections of the form.

Each of the form repetition segments is bracketed by the specific section performed continuously at normal speed. The volume concludes with the entire form performed at normal practice speed with movement names. Chen Tai Chi Broadsword. He teaches a 23 movement form.

Demonstations by Master Guangzhi Xing. Download from Turtle Press.


ISBN 13: 9787534823213

Please Use Caution! Thanks for your patience. Since these mind-body arts websites are very well-established and stable websites, they provide readers with a good and secure starting point for their online research into Taijiquan and Chi Kung. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, many other websites and webpages, documents, and videos appear and then disappear from the Internet scene.

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Chen Style Taijiquan, Sword And Broadsword

View Larger Image. Illustrated wraps with french flaps. Signed on tile page in Oriental script. Bookseller Inventory Book Description Tai Chi Centre,


Chen Style Taijiquan, Sword and Broadsword


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