Its maximum W rated power makes it suitable for testing numerous types of lower power devices. The Series offers models in two operating voltages V models, with W and W power levels up to 60A in a single unit. Each model of the Series has unique user-def ined waveform UDW funct ion capable of simulating real-world custom waveforms. In addition, a data storage function has been built in for saving and recalling up to stored settings at any time. For automated testing, these save and recall functions can save a great deal of time. The Series has 3 power ranges that can precisely measure the voltage and current in real time.

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Why register? Registration allows access to the entire site including downloads of our application notes and users manuals. Chroma is the global leader in Electronic Load manufacturing for product design validation and functional testing. Chroma programmable DC Loads are used for power conversion testing in all markets including automated test systems, LED drivers, power supply testing, battery testing, and fuel cell testing.

Chroma AC Loads are designed for testing uninterruptible power supplies UPS , off-grid inverters, AC sources, and other power devices such as switches, circuit breakers, fuses and connectors. Chroma Loads can do it all including full current down to 0.

We know you have a choice when selecting an electronic load, but the advantage is clear with Chroma. All of our Electronic Loads are designed to satisfy both automated test system and laboratory benchtop requirements. A C Electronic Load Series 1. Simulate a variety of load conditions under high crest factor and varying power factors with real time compensation even when the voltage waveform is distorted. Log in Register. Login X Username:. Remember me. Advantages include: Highest accuracy available Full current down to 0.

Watch our Electronic Load Seminar Your browser does not support iframes. Learn More. More Info Buy Now at shopchromausa. More Info. Order on-line and get them fast. Send us a message Have a question or need a quote? WordPress Download Manager.


Chroma 63030 300 Watt DC Electronic Load

Chroma Model series Smart Electronic Load System is the state-of-the-art instrument for testing DC power sources and power electronic components. The load can be operated in constant current, constant resistance,constant voltage, or constant power mode. The can simulate a wide range of dynamic loading applications. The loading waveform is user programmable in slew rates, load levels, duration, and conducting voltage.


Electronic Loads


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