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HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. Note: This thread is compile from the original thread solely as a guide. No posting is allowed. Please PM me if you have any great guides or comments to share or post at the orginal thread.

This guide implements the Astaro Security Gateway V6 software. The Astaro Security Gateway software is implemented on the Astaro line of hardware security appliances. The good news is that this Gateway software can be installed in ordinary home computers! You don't even have to fork out a single cent! However, if you use it in a commercial or profit-generating environment, you are required to purchase a license.

Restart the computer. Further installation steps. See screenshots below [Large Pictures]. Last edited by freakZ; at PM.. This completes the security appliance installation on your spare home computer. As in the example configuration shown on Page 23 of the manual, 1 One network card should be connected to your hardware router, which will lead to the outside world, the Internet.

This will serve as your internal network. Connect all your internal computers to this switch. However, a hub is not as good as a switch. You also need a 2nd ethernet switch. Connect all the servers to this 2nd switch. If you do not want to setup any servers, then the third network card and the 2nd ethernet switch is not required.

Configuring the home-made security appliance Browser configuration. An incorrectly configured security appliance is as good as useless. Having said that, I am going to read the page manual as well.

I am not a networking guru. I hope networking experts here can share with us some configuration tips and their insights after trying out the Astaro Security Gateway software. Snort is not really an 'appliance' if that's what it is called.. Smoothwall www. Another one is IPCop www. ClarkConnect is a powerful yet easy-to-use software solution that transforms off-the-shelf PC hardware into a dedicated Internet gateway and server.

The software is a secure, reliable and cost effective solution. The Home Edition is free for home use. The Office and Professional Editions require you to purchase a license. The home edition download is MB. This means that you could use it anywhere. Download Time! The OFR delivers several critical benefits to users including: lower total cost of ownership, improved security, and the flexibility to easily integrate additional functionality into the system.

The OFR software runs on industry-standard x86 hardware and includes support for commonly used network interfaces, and industry-standard routing protocols and management protocols, resulting in an enterprise-class routing platform. Unlike previous open-source routing projects, all these features are configurable via a single command-line interface CLI or web-based graphical user interface GUI.

This integrated functionality makes the OFR ideal for small enterprise offices and branch offices of larger enterprises.

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Webconfig, which is the main software, that users of ClarkConnect and CentralPointe use to manipulate their servers, has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and has been registered over , times. The software package, cc-webconfig and cc-webconfig-default , can be downloaded from the ClarkConnect FTP site as well as the its inclusion in both the community and enterprise editions. A forum for supporting the software exists as well which contains thousands of articles with contributions. An online manual is also available online. Currently Distrowatch places ClarkConnect at 76th place on the list of Linux distributions. Several mentions of webconfig at DistroWatch. As well as independent user forum mentions talking about tweaking webconfig , mentions webconfig functionality in review at linux.



ClarkConnect Administration Manual. Revised: January, Table of Contents. What's New. Comparing Software Editions. System Requirements. Network Cards.


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This Howto describes how to install a 3rd network card for implementing two LAN networks on your Clark Connect machine. This is not a DMZ solution! Linux should automatically detect drivers for PCI network cards. If you are using ISA cards, you may have to manually set network card settings.



Virtualization techonogies enable single physical device to execute multiple different operating systems. Virtualization support in RouterOS allows to run multiple copies of RouterOS sofware and even other supported operating systems. Note that virtualization support depends on system architecture, not all architectures that RouterOS supports allow virtualization. This enables RouterOS to run other operating systems that support Xen paravirtualization in "virtual machines" guests , controlled by RouterOS software host.

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