I actually carry this book to wherever I travel for planning workshops, it stays with me in every hotel. As Serote puts it, planning is scattered, and for me, dysfunctional, in our country. It lays the foundation of planning through the structure and the inevitability of local government function, and second, it provides in detail the combined process of the two mandated planning documents: the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the Comprehensive Development Plan. Or if you work for a local government, you may be familiar with some of the parts. But I can give a guide you can refer to while reading the RPS.

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HLURB would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following in the preparation of this. Guide book for their active participation in the various consultations conducted nationwide:. Requi to Bellosillo, En. Special thanks to the Project Team composed of both the central and regional officers and staff. Finally, we also would like to convey our sincere appreciation to those whose names may. Plans CLUP s , which is one of the fundamental to ols for local governance and decision making.

It is intended for LGU planners mainly, but may also prove useful to consultants assisting the. These consultative activities. Results of the said consultative activities provided the.

Volume 1. It prescribes a participa to ry. This is to be used in. Volume 2. This provides the basic guidelines for demographic and sec to ral studies needed. The guidelines include those for social, economic. Volume 3. Volume 4.

The Guide s will complement the academic and field planning. These guides are therefore not prescriptive but allow for flexibility, creativity and strategic thinking. The first step in understanding Comprehensive Land Use Planning is knowing the basic concepts. Land is viewed as a shared natural resource, much like air and water found therein, to. Land use planning refers to the rational and judicious approach of allocating available.

It is comprehensive. Comprehensive Land Use Planning puts in to practice the essence of local au to nomy among.

The CLUP process provides a venue to level off the different groups with varied interests in the. It opens an opportunity for gaining community support, understanding and. The process attempts to rationalize the allocation of the limited local land.

This enables the LGUs to formulate. The local plans shall have the following relationships to the other plans existing in the. All local plans shall be consistent with the existing national agency plans, i. Tourism Master. Further, all local plans shall conform with set national planning goals, policies, as well as planning.

The reason why the State should regulate the right to use property, among other rights, is. Within their respective terri to rial jurisdictions, local government units shall ensure. Prescribe reasonable limits and restraints on the use of property within the jurisdiction of. PA 21 envisions a better quality of life for all through the development of a just, moral, creative,.

Consistent with this, PA 21 has a poverty reduction agenda that includes measures to. Efficiency and equity mean the. These two are a defining element of each other. This Guide also promotes the following principles consistent with the planning and management. Environmental stability and ecological integrity- Achieving environmental stability through.

Ensuring the proper selection of a site to minimize the damage. Appropriate location principle. Regional Urban Development- Encouraging the sustainable growth of cities and large to wns. Spatial Integration- Linking consumption and production areas to achieve physical and. Equitable access to physical and natural resources- Ensuring equitable access to resources.

Private-public sec to r Partnership- Encouraging shared responsibility between the government. Market orientation - Adopting the interplay of market forces within the framework of ecological.

Local Governance - This Guide advocates that all three ac to rs in governance, namely:. Refer to Volume 2 for the detailed discussion of gender responsive population.

It is recommended that LGUs adopt a combined bot to m-up and to p to bot to m approach in. Development Plans to be submitted to the Sangguniang Barangay for review and. Thus, integration of Barangay Development Plans in to the city or municipal plan is one. The integration aims to harmonize development goals and objectives of all barangays. This includes all. The CLUP covers a planning period of 10 years at the minimum.

It may be reviewed every 3. Such review will also provide an opportunity for the. The review shall be without prejudice to a yearly review of the various programs and projects.

This Guide is intended to provide emphasis on the significant elements of the Comprehensive. Land Use Plan in order to achieve its full appreciation as well as to ensure efficiency,. Volume 3 — Sec to ral Studies a documentation of the supporting studies that were.

This volume shall comprise the detailed documentation of the sec to ral studies. Sec to r analysis, both technical and participa to ry, shall be summarized in a matrix form. In its final form, an integrated listing of priority issues and problems. Thus, planners need to rely on strategic. This manual provides for a step process that is proactive, rather than reactive, in approach.

Every step. The cycle is. The process therefore allows for great flexibility and resourcefulness on the part of the. The following step process provides the general procedures from which the planning team,.

Prepare a detailed proposal to include the rationale, work program, required. CLUP preparation process normally takes a maximum of 18 months depending on.

Disseminate information on the planning activities to the general public. Planning activities may be undertaken in 6 months to 1 year if LGU hires consultant. It is best to have an independent facilita to r to handle the workshops. The most effective way of doing this is to list as many stakeholders on a sheet of.

It may help to list them in rough order of importance. There may be. Interests of all types of stakeholders may be difficult to define, especially if they. A rule of thumb is to relate each stakeholder to the problems which the plan is. Double check the interests being ascribed to stakeholder groups, to confirm. Both primary and. In designing a consultation process, it is important to identify all of the.

In addition to stakeholders who you think may be directly or indirectly affected,. A decision has to be made regarding involvement of the stakeholders, and the extent of. The community should be involved at the earliest planning stage to encourage ownership.

The action plan shall also include conflict resolution mechanisms to effectively solve. Knowing the participants beforehand could lead to a better consultation processes. Implement the IEC Plan to ensure the early involvement of stakeholders in the. It creates a sense of ownership among the stakeholders to the extent. These can be done. Use metacards during the workshop to encourage participation and to facilitate the.

After the visioning workshop disseminate the selected Vision Statement to the. Define and discuss the elements of a vision, specifically its relation to the.

Group the participants in to smaller groups ideally persons per group. Complete the vision-reality gap matrix refer to sample matrix on succeeding. Identify and agree on the success indica to rs for each descrip to r.

Rate each indica to r according to its position in relation to achieving the vision.


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HLURB would like to acknowledge the assistance of th e following in the preparation of this Guide given their active participation in the various consultations conducted nationwide:. SIKAT ,. Planning and Development Research Foundation, Inc. Asteya Santiago, Dr.

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