In order to be able to drive abroad, European citizens are currently subject to different rules depending on whether they are copmutersystemen to Member States or to non-EU countries either for short stays or to take up residence. However, Commissioner de Gucht informed President Barroso that he intends to announce, as from the outset of the election campaign, that he is not seeking embeded as Mayor of Berlare, that he will not play an active role in the election campaign and that he intends to continue to fulfil his mandate as Member of the Commission. In essence, their hypothesis is that the recent seismic activity is not due to natural causes but to an unnatural one. The Commission is aware of the variety of technologies applied in photovoltaic modules.

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Written questions by Members of the European Parliament and their answers given by a European Union institution. OJ C E , Subject: Visa requirements for civil society organisations in Ukraine. Subject: Cyprus concerned about potential Syrian refugees. Subject: Global Approach to Migration and Mobility.

Subject: Promotion of bullfighting and cuts in social services in Spain. Subject: Creation of a horse sanctuary using EU funding.

Subject: Ryanair and proceedings concerning the granting of subsidies at Hahn Airport. Subject: Discrimination in relation to utility tariffs.

Subject: Difficulties with recognition of professional qualifications in Malta. Subject: Infringement procedure on old age pensions.

Subject: Resolution on the Youth Opportunities Initiative. Subject: High rates for mobile telephony — major differences between Member States. Subject: Regulatory uncertainty in the Spanish photovoltaic sector. Subject: Commissioner De Gucht standing for election. Subject: Sentencing of the former President of Liberia. Subject: Prevention of discrimination among photovoltaic producers from different Member States.

Subject: Hotel complex and houses to be constructed on the beach at Valdevaqueros, Tarifa: a natural biosphere reserve. Subject: Cyanobacteria in the As Conchas Reservoir. Subject: Downgrading of psychiatric establishments in Greece. Subject: Data indicating a worsening of child poverty in Europe. Subject: Provocative statements by Christine Lagarde and other officials. Tsoukalas to the Commission. Subject: Enforcement of EU legislation on animal transport in Greece.

Subject: Nuovi Cantieri Apuania S. Subject: Common European mobile network using Femtocell technology. Subject: Illegal crossings at the Greek-Turkish border. Subject: Portuguese families in arrears with bank loan repayments. Subject: Portugal's failure to meet its deficit target.

Subject: French law regarding visible clothing for motorcyclists. Subject: Aluminium-based additives in deodorants. Subject: Fresh suicide attack on a Christian church in Nigeria. Subject: Consumer protection and enforcement of competition law in the overpricing of products from multinational corporations. Subject: Cardiac regeneration after heart attack. Subject: Plans to construct large hydro-electric dams threaten the Balkan rivers.

Subject: Misleading payment demands from fraudulent directory companies. Subject: Environmental risks from exploratory drilling for oil in Carpignano Sesia Province of Novara. Subject: Combating poverty in the European Union. Subject: The Netherlands inundated with false passports. Subject: Leers wants expert group to investigate fraud and abuse of family migration. Subject: Too much unnecessary paperwork for police because of European regulations.

Subject: Specific measures for the Horizon programme's outermost regions. Subject: Specific measures for the outermost regions in the area of research and innovation. Subject: Specific additional budgetary allocation for the outermost regions: calculation and criteria for apportionment.

Subject: Current status of the European internal market. Subject: Women's working conditions in the service sector. Subject: Earthquake in Emilia and geological inspections. Subject: Earthquake and the European Solidarity Fund.

Subject: Goals set for Portugal under the Europe strategy. Subject: On the European Banking Authority and the supervision of financial institutions. Subject: Confusion over the definition of pulsed and non-pulsed radio signals. Subject: Planning for 23 nuclear power plants on the EU's eastern borders. Subject: Unemployment versus shortages of specialist staff.

Subject: kV power line in Eugendorf near Salzburg. Subject: Counting the cost of a possible Austrian exit from the European Union. Subject: EU legislation on sale of cooked and raw meat. Subject: Measures to reduce noise from freight traffic. Langzeitfreiwillige, die eine Einladung einer zivilgesellschaftlichen Organisation bei ukrainischen Konsulaten vorlegen, erhalten daher kein Visum mehr.

Ist der Kommission diese Problematik bekannt? In autumn , Ukraine brought into force a regulation requiring civil society organisations to issue invitations before visas could be issued. However, no legal channels yet exist for the necessary registration procedures.

This means that long-standing volunteers who present a civil-society invitation to Ukrainian consulates will no longer receive a visa.

This is also putting European voluntary services in Ukraine at risk. Is the Commission aware of this problem? If so, has it expressed its criticism to the Ukrainian Government? Therefore, volunteers who wish to stay in Ukraine for such a short period can travel visa-free. The Commission is not aware of any problems in this context. The EU Delegation in Kyiv has been approached lately by EU citizens working as volunteers who have faced problems when applying for long term visas or residence permits.

The EU Delegation has raised these concerns in informal contacts with Ukrainian authorities. Issues related to the registration of EU citizens have been raised in recent political dialogues with Ukraine. The Spanish banking system is in crisis. Recapitalisation by the Spanish Government based on increasing public debt via direct injection in cases like Bankia, or through the market involves deepening interdependence between banks and Spanish public accounts.

However, this option would increase public debt and, therefore, is not consistent with the fiscal consolidation objective required by the Commission. These are objectives that we already know we cannot fulfil. Does the Commission believe that access to the EFSF entails a further tightening of public accounts and the structural reform agenda, deepening the socially harmful cuts and recession in the Spanish economy? Does the Commission consider the social impact of this calendar acceptable?

Does it consider that a banking licence for the EFSF and for the future European Stability Mechanism would reduce risk premiums and refinancing costs for Spanish public debt? Does it plan to submit a proposal for this? What democratic control mechanisms would a European bank recapitalisation have? Does it believe that the European Central Bank should establish itself as the last-resort lender, thus removing any doubts in the domestic debt markets?

European Financial Stability Facility. In relation to the budget consolidation path, an extension of the EDP Excessive Deficit Procedure correction deadline by one year, i. All potentially useful ideas need to be debated and considered. Betreft: Cyprus bezorgd over mogelijke Syrische vluchtelingen.

Heeft de Commissie lering getrokken uit de vele bootjes met Noord-Afrikaanse vluchtelingen die op het Italiaanse eiland Lampedusa zijn aangekomen? De Commissie staat klaar om Cyprus alle nodige steun te verlenen in het geval van een massale toestroom van personen die internationale bescherming behoeven. Bovendien kan Cyprus te allen tijde verzoeken om steun van EU-agentschappen, met name het Europees Ondersteuningsbureau voor asielzaken.

Cyprus is seriously concerned about a massive number of small boats containing Syrian refugees arriving on the island if the Syrian situation does not improve or deteriorates further.

Has the Commission drawn lessons from the many North African refugees that arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa? If not, why not? If so, does the Commission therefore intend to prevent Syrian refugees from arriving. If so, how? The Commission follows with concern events in Syria and hopes for a rapid end of the violence and an inclusive, orderly and peaceful transition.

The Commission stands ready to provide all necessary support to Cyprus in the event of large-scale flows of persons in need of international protection. It should also be recalled that Member States are bound to respect the principle of non-refoulement, so no person should returned to a third country where the person concerned might run the risk of ill-treatment or might be subject to further removal to territories in which he or she may run such a risk.

The communication refers to the high-level dialogue on migration with Latin America. Given that there is no specific paragraph dedicated to the region in this communication, can the Commission clarify the following:.

The Council Conclusions also confirm that GAMM should adequately take into account the migrant's perspective, including a stronger involvement in the dialogue and cooperation with third countries of diaspora and migrant organisations. Since its establishment and throughout successive enlargements, the European Union has developed a complex network of provisions, treaties and initiatives aimed at improving and strengthening the protection afforded to citizens of Member States in health, education, and other areas.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Written questions by Members of the European Parliament and their answers given by a European Union institution. OJ C E , Subject: Visa requirements for civil society organisations in Ukraine. Subject: Cyprus concerned about potential Syrian refugees.


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Hotel complex and houses to be constructed on the beach at Valdevaqueros, Tarifa: Nuovi studi riguardanti terapie contro i tumori mediante la vaccinazione genetica antitumorale sono stati condotti da un laboratorio di Immunologia Molecolare di Trieste. Si tratta di una fonte energetica capace di concorrere alla crescita di un paese. According to the information provided, the Maltese authorities have now changed their practice. Vaccinazione genetica per curare i tumori. Is the Commission aware of the research conducted by the American researchers on vinclozolin? Emgedded giovane ha confessato dopo essere stata picchiata da un membro della famiglia. As was clearly established by two studies inthese genes can actually reverse the biological clock of human cells, returning them to a state comparable to their embryonic state.

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