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There are DIN standards for various different connectors, therefore the term "DIN connector" alone does not unambiguously identify any particular type of connector unless the document number of the relevant DIN standard is added e. Some DIN connector standards are:. In the context of consumer electronics , the term "DIN connector" commonly refers to a member of a family of circular connectors that were initially standardized by DIN for analog audio signals. The original DIN standards for these connectors are no longer in print and have been replaced with the equivalent international standard IEC

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If you have any question about our product and service please use the inquiry form. Brought to you by Harting, this range of DIN D-sub plug and socket connectors have stamped female contacts and solder bucket terminals. Suitable for soldering to stranded or single core wires, these D-sub plug and socket connectors have a robust metal shell plug also has dimples with 3.

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DIN 41652 Solder Bucket D-Sub Connectors, Stamped Contacts


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