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Thanks to the trainees for their commitment and great ideas on sustainability! The Stadium of FC Krasnodar, with its capacity for over It is covered by a double layer tensile membrane structure, which is designed as a ridge and valley construction.

Verseidag textilearchitecture architecture design technicaltextiles tensilearchitecture architecturalfabrics tensilestructures fckrasnodar stadium. The innovative coating of Verseidag B seemee IV ensures that the advertising medium is flooded with homogeneous light. Velcro zipper insert v2 The issued Finnish defense forces plate carrier, M17 has this little flat pocket with velcro closure, in the top part of the frontpanel. Well, i absolutely hate pockets with velcro closure, and this pocket in particular so i haven't found it all that useful.

A total pain in the ass to use without gloves as the velcro scratches your hands and very difficult to use with gloves since that pocket does not have any pulltabs I made a zippered insert to essentially turn that pocket into a zippered pocket. The insert attaches to the velcro closure of the pocket. Very simple. This is the fourth, and final version of the insert. The body of the insert is made out of webbing instead cordura that i used in the previous versions.

This insert also adds to the capacity of the pocket a little bit; the pocket is 15cm deep, but with a 25mm velcro closure, the depth is actually 12,5cm. With the zipper insert, that 25mm is again functional space. The insert is 17,5cm wide. Verseidag textilearchitecture architecture design technicaltextiles tensilearchitecture architecturalfabrics tensilestructures facades.

Three point sling behind back is also handy in range. The new photovoltaic system has now been connected to the grid for two months. Due to the good weather conditions, the system has already been able to produce MWh of solar power.

This is sufficient to supply approx. The generated electricity is used to supply the production plants with energy, thus significantly reducing our consumption of energy from fossil fuels, nuclear power and making our products more environmentally friendly.

Verseidag photovoltaik photovoltaic madeinGermany technicaltextiles madeinKrefeld solarstrom solarenergy sustainability sunenergy. With rokkilaaa we decided to take a part in remote military march, hosted by varusteleka.. We marched 25km and decided to make this challenge little bit harder for us too. Total time with one break was closer to 6 hours. High-quality fabric ensure a homogeneous behaviour in transmitted light, variable in shape and size.

Krefeld verseidag Bauhaus miesvanderrohe architecture architecturelovers architektur NRW. The train station at the airport of Leipzig, Germany impresses with its distinctive appearance and ensures weather protection for the passenger.

Verseidag textilearchitecture glassfiber PTFE architecture design technicaltextiles tensilearchitecture architecturalfabrics tensilestructures. Keli hellii verseidag opscore gopro magpul. About Us. Contact Us.

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