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Space Girl. Recent Pictures. Proto Sample Page Proto Sample Page2. Tempest pin-up Comments You are not authorized to comment here. Your must be registered and logged in to comment morganlamour on February 24, , AM morganlamour on February 24, , AM.

I'd like to talk to you about a possible comic-book project. I'm a long time fan of your art! Glad you joined the community! Say, do you accept commissions? Welcome to HF and its great to see you here!

I've always loved your art style and the Naked Earth exist in my memory as exemplary erotic graphic fiction, and your submissions show you're still making excellent work. You think Naked Earth deserves a reboot? Definetly yes! I'd be interested in it! It was a showcase for your art. And I liked that the story had some depth and sounded like it could have gone farther. That's something to be said for erotically themed adventure fiction.

If you feel like it I bet it would be worth it! As matter of fact I'm considering one for a shorties bit. About an old demon hunting knight making a last stab at glory. I've admired your art for a long time. It's great to see you opening a gallery at Hentai Foundry!

Hey, nice to see you over here. I have been a longtime fan of your work. It was one of my inspirations to try my hand in nsfw art, so thanks for that. You are welcome.

I'm hoping that you actually are the real deal right now, because I always wanted to tell you how you widened my perspective quite a bit. I'm not very deeply into the more extreme kinks your work touches upon, but I remember being deeply impressed by any of your pictures I could stomach. Until I learned to simply mentally filter what I didn't like and enjoy them all, thanks to me wanting to see even more of your stuff.

You left an impression and had some impact on me years ago, so thanks a lot. Nice to see you here, although I still almost can't believe it. It's kinda like meeting a movie star or something Yes, it is me. I wanted a place for content I can't post on deviantart. The more extreme material became sort of obligatory because of the site that runs it. To be honest I've softened up a bit and my work has developed a dichotomous personality where on one end I have the hard erotic material and on the other end a very SFW, almost kid friendly material.

You'll find them at my deviantart accn't. Projects will start to vary for a more wider audience appeal hopefully. It's about time I move on. Well im a fan for like EVER :. Glad to see you here.

Creator of some of the best adult comics I have ever seen. Your fantasy stuff is great but your sci-fi work is amazing. Featured Featured. Fans MORE.

LEY 11150 DE 2007 PDF

Ferresart Tempest Part 1 2

Its soldires, bred for war, have zero equal. Great war fleets, ever victorious, have removed all opponents. Humanity is currently the only power within a vast network of sides and star systems. But humanity is an imperfect creature, and as it spreads just like a virus, so do all its hidden evils.


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