Months C. N20 1 as. Medical Officer Particulars on reverse to be filled in by candidate before appearing for Medical Examination. The following questions to be answered by the candidate: 1 have you ever been an in-patient in hospital or nursing home suffering from any disease or injury? If so, give dates, state nature of disease or injury, which hospital or nursing home.

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For one to get the certificate of registration which has a TSC number, there are certain requirements they must meet. Among the requirements is the GP69 form.

Many times skilled teachers spend months on the unemployment list simply because they do not understand the procedure that needs to be followed during the application of the TSC number. GP69 form is one of the mandatory registration requirements, and every teacher should understand what a GP69 form is and how to get it.

Here is everything that you need to know about this medical form. This is a medical examination form that is filled by a qualified medical officer in a public health facility and sent to the TSC secretary before you can be issued with a TSC number.

It is one of the mandatory documents that an applicant must fill, scan, and attach together with the other documents during the application of the TSC number.

The form contains two parts. Part one contains the name of the applicant and the signature and designation of the medical officer. It is completed in duplicate by the officer sending the candidate to the medical examination.

Part two is the medical report that is completed by the medical officer. Before completing the medical report, the medical officer subjects the candidate to a number of medical tests before giving the final report. The form is available online since most of the TSC processes are online. You can easily get the GP69 form pdf download online. However, you will be charged a small fee if you download the form in a cyber cafe. It is important to note that you should never give any false information while filling this form.

If you are suspected of providing incorrect information and proven guilty of the offense, then you risk being fined or going to jail. The GP69 form can easily be downloaded online. Since it is an important document that you must provide to be issued with the TSC number, make sure that you do not make errors when completing the form.

After you are done attaching the form and the rest of the other mandatory teacher registration documents, you can then sit back and wait for the TSC number application to be successful. Image: pixabay. Image: varsityscope. Image: twitter. Subscribe to watch new videos. Source: Tuko Kenya. Show Comments. Fantasy male names and their meaning.


Gp 69 Form Medical Examination



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