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Stai vedendo:. Il mio account Canon. Christian Ziegler — Canon Ambassadors. After shifting his focus from ecology to photography, Christian Ziegler has become a celebrated photojournalist specialising in natural history and science-related topics. A tropical ecologist turned nature photojournalist, Christian Ziegler has combined his two passions of photography and science to create an internationally-reaching reputation for producing engaging images rich in informed narrative, to highlight species and ecosystems under threat.

I hope my photography can make more people aware of this. Conservation is the ultimate motivation for all of Christian's work, and it was this that prompted his dramatic career change. I felt that as a biologist I was not doing that, and that I could play an important role as a translator, explaining conservation issues and natural history stories.

Stories are what people learn from; I see what I do as visual storytelling and so the context is very important," he says.

Christian, who has extensively photographed life in rainforests across four continents, works with several NGOs and is a founding fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. He produced the imagery for A Magic Web, an award-winning coffee table book on tropical ecology, and created Deceptive Beauties, a book on wild orchids and their pollinators. His book, Jungle Spirits, was published in by teNeues Media.

To tell a good story I need to understand the ecosystem. Having a background in biology is very useful; it informs me while shooting a story and gives my images more depth. I research around the subject and read a lot, so that I know the focal species, its behaviour and habitat, and how it interacts with other species.

I try to plan out an original point of view and create a wish list of images that will tell the story. My goal is to generate something new and to capture people's imagination, because the readers are often saturated with pictures. Nature is fascinating — I want to captivate people with the beauty of tropical forests and bring them to understand that these ecosystems are truly endangered. During his career, which spans several decades, Christian has won multiple awards, including World Press Photo awards four years running , two category awards in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and the Grand Prize of the National Wildlife Foundation's annual photo contest.

Are there certain elements you like to incorporate into your images? For example: an orchid in a stunning setting with a visiting pollinator, illustrating the complex interactions that underpin its lifecycle.

Typically, what should a nature photographer know before photographing an animal? Seek to answer questions like 'When and where does it forage, for how long and what does it eat? What is the light like in tropical forests? I use three Canon Speedlites , with a bouncer attachment, that I use off the camera in manual mode.

This allows me to be very precise and adjust the angle and strength of each flash. What's the most important lesson a nature photographer must learn to succeed in this genre?

To capture a good image of wildlife in its natural habitat you have to keep trying… sometimes for weeks and even months! Where's a good place to start with nature photography? Almost anything can be interesting: a decaying leaf, flower bud or ant.

Your subject doesn't have to be a polar bear or a lion. There are many diverse elements to our natural world, so try to highlight something unusual, and show people the beauty in something they would never expect to see beauty in. Instagram: christianziegler Website: www. Second, the very biology of tropical forests conspires against photographers; the dense vegetation reduces the sunlight, and due to the high species diversity most animals are rare and cautious.

These factors combine to make tropical forests subtle places, where animals are hidden from the visitor, and only with time do you detect some sign of them. Tropical forests taught me a very important lesson: be patient — only with much time and effort will you be successful.

The key kit that the pros use to take their photographs. It's really versatile — I can take landscapes, a portrait… or a picture of my family! High-performance L-series super-telephoto lens, with 4 stop Image Stabilizer.

It's always sharp and relatively light too, which is really important when I'm in the field. A professional grade extender that increases focal length of L-series lenses by 1.

I often use three to five of these to illuminate the subject and some of the background," says Christian. I used this setup in Panama to photograph a pair of toucans as they set up and tended their nest, and the results are truly excellent," says Christian. Il biologo e fotografo naturalista Christian Ziegler spiega come fotografa la meravigliosa fauna della foresta pluviale utilizzando un obiettivo macro. Su commissione di National Geographic, il fotografo naturalista e dedito alla salvaguardia dell'ambiente Christian Ziegler ha avuto l'incarico di fotografare i bonobo allo stato brado.

Un solo obiettivo poteva dirsi perfetto per questo lavoro…. I Canon Ambassador condividono alcuni degli scatti preferiti, realizzati con gli obiettivi serie L, e ci raccontano le storie che li accompagnano.

Scopri come funziona il programma Ambassador e leggi le storie degli straordinari fotografi scelti per rappresentare Canon. I membri possono accedere al supporto prioritario CPS, sia localmente che durante i maggiori eventi, a un servizio di riparazione rapida prioritaria e, a seconda del livello di iscrizione, possono aver diritto gratuitamente a prestiti di equipaggiamento di scorta oltre che alla spedizione di restituzione e sconti dopo gli interventi di manutenzione.

Possono inoltre usufruire di offerte esclusive riservate agli iscritti. Profile Christian Ziegler. A woolly opossum Caluromys derbianus feeding on the nectar of a balsa flower Ochroma pyramidale. Southern cassowary feeding on quandong fruit. A bat in flight catching a fish.

A monkey climbing a tree with its baby. One thing I know Christian Ziegler "First, the humid climate of tropical forests is not friendly towards camera equipment; I have lost many lenses to rain and fungus. Christian Ziegler's kitbag The key kit that the pros use to take their photographs. Visualizza prodotto. Articoli correlati Visualizza tutto. LE STORIE Christian Ziegler mentre immortala il raro bonobo selvatico Su commissione di National Geographic, il fotografo naturalista e dedito alla salvaguardia dell'ambiente Christian Ziegler ha avuto l'incarico di fotografare i bonobo allo stato brado.

Canon Italia Programma Ambassador Scopri come funziona il programma Ambassador e leggi le storie degli straordinari fotografi scelti per rappresentare Canon. Ulteriori informazioni.








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