Handa and Bhonda are two young boys — the former thin and mischievous and trying to get his plump friend Bhonda in trouble, and always failing. When he turned 92 in , Debnath stopped work on Handa Bhonda , not making much of the fact that he probably holds the world record for creating the longest-running comic strip as a solo writer-artist. But these continued to be produced by other artists after their original creators stopped work. Is this record, however, recognised by any authoritative organisation? So he never went out of his way to seek recognition which came to him too late in life. Handa Bhonda aside, Debnath created a bunch of other comic book strips that were serially published for over four to five decades.

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In this book, Debnath compiles their escapades into one exciting package for readers. The two boys are a study in contrasts. Handa is slim while Bhonda is on the bulky side.

There are no exceptions made for Bhonda as well. However, Handa faces strict punishments for his activities in most stories in the Handa Bhonda Samagra. Handa Bhonda Samagra also contains other characters like Pisemosai, the fraternal uncle who has a temper problem. There is also an aunt who appears only a few times. Handa keeps trying to induce Bhonda into getting scolded by his uncle. Pisemosai has a habit of giving some work to Handa and Bhonda regularly. There is also a disciple of Bhonda named Bocha.

Narayan Debnath is a living legend in the world of Indian comics. He has to his credit some of the most popular Bengali comic characters ever. A Narayan Debnath Comics Samagra was published in Narayan Debnath was born in Shibpur in Howrah. His family was actively involved in gold retail and the scope for jewellery designing was presented to him on a platter. He studied fine arts for five years at the Indian Art College and left in his final year.

He worked with advertising agencies as a freelancer thereafter, creating logos and movie slides. Narayan Debnath has also translated foreign novels and worked on the stories of Tarzan.

He is known for his illustrations as well. He has published extensively in Kishor Bharati and Shuktara. Much of his work has been adapted for television. Certified Buyer , Kolkata. Certified Buyer , Bhadrakali. Explore Plus. Other Books. Handa Bhonda Samagra Hardcover, Bengali, narayan debnath. Rate Product. The MRP is , not as marked here.. After getting the book and seeing the MRP, I realized flipkart just robbed me.. Had I known this book was available much cheaper on other sites, I would've definitely avoided flipkart.

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Meet Narayan Debnath, the grandfather of Bengali comics for six decades

The comics have appeared in book form. A popular animation series based on the characters has also been filmed. The suggestion to work in comics in Bengali came from the editors at Deb Sahitya Kuthir publishing house. Also the name Handa-Bhonda was their suggestion.


Making cartoons means very hard work at every step of the way, but creating a successful cartoon character is the hardest work of all. The adage holds true for comic strip creator Narayan Debnath whose comic characters have captured the imagination of generations for decades together. His name may not ring a bell with many, but his creations have found way in every household in West Bengal and have been a child's best friend on lazy afternoons. For someone who has entertained us with his comic characters for 50 years, recognition for Debnath has come very late in life. The page book, compiled and edited by Santanu Ghosh, includes all his comics characters over the last 50 years.

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