This review book is comprehensive including every section that is on the ASCP board exam. I used both the book and the CD for written and image review. The practice test is very helpful. Its worth Medical Laboratory Science Review. Robert R.

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Here are several steps you can take to find the help you need when leaving a job. Indeed Community. I am relying on passing this exam inorder to process an H1 visa, and so I desperately need to pass the exam just in order for me to even stay in this country. Talk about pressure! I wish I had more time to study, but I dont. Has anyone taken the exam recently? Any study tips for me? At this stage, I figure it's impossible for me to sit down with big bulky textbooks and start reading them so I'm relying heavily on the Polanksy review cards to study Any other pointers, anyone?

Do the practise tests available online for the ASCP help at all with the exam? To anyone that has taken it lately and passed, Is using the BOR study guide enough in order to pass?? Are the questions from out of the BOR study guide 5th edition? Alot of the comments make it seem like it is useless Hi Thanks for your reply.

My concern is I need to get work experience do you know how can I start? I need to work little bit before taking the exam what do you suggest? Thanks Karen. Your best bet is to take the test right out of school.

I have a friend who graduated 3 years ago and still has not taken the test because she is afraid to. When I took it, I had studied literally for 1 hour the day before by just skimming through the green book. I was too busy working and enjoying being out of school for the past 2 months.

Last but not least, go in with a good attitude. Think to yourself "I own this. So guys, don't focus your review in the same questions and answers like your friend had taken in ASCPi. We have different test questions.

Some test are easy, some test are difficult. Be sure that you review all the subjects and the review materials before you take the test It is really hard, my friend told me the content of the test 1 week ago, but there is no same questions that I encountered. I had three different review books, one will do though.

If you know everything about the micro questions, you will pass. I did have an ocular micrometer calibration, which caught me by surprise. The questions are not like anything in the books. Just know the answer's and you will pass. Iam 56 years old and had not done anything like this for over 20 years.

Iam now preparing to take the SM exam. I wish someone could tell me what the difference are between the two. Good luck. Hi Everyone! Was it biased towards one "side" of Micro or did it manage to cover every area equally?

Thank you! In response to Rebecca Hi Rebecca, Can you send me information how to register for the test and which material should I study for the test , I graduated fron the college with AA degree in MT and I need to take the test to be licensed.

In response to JP Hey Jp I live in Claremont and I am almost clueless about those tests do you still have those flascards I can borrow from you , please let me know and I will call you if you provide me with your phone. Did you pass the exam? In response to CLS Can you send me more details about this yellow book you are talking about and did you pass the exam.

My major is chemistry, can you help me by giving me a hint how do I start??? It's items and 2 hours and 30 minutes of time to finish it.

Many of the questions show you a bunch of lab results and then asks you what the disease is. I'm using HARR n college review notes way back How's the exam? It takes less than 2 weeks for them to approve for the exam. After approval you will be given a window of 3 months to select your exam date. It can be rescheduled anytime as long as it's within the 3 month examination period.

In response to rigurat. I m afraid if I will apply now they will give the schedule right away or I can choose the date for the exam? It's hard! Im sooo happy thanks for all ur advices!! Good luck to all!! In response to kimmie Thanks for your encouragement before the exam too Kimmie. This forum was a big help in the midst of my panic. Not sure what to do with myself yet. It is a good feeling! In response to mak5. Hey i used some of the same stuff as Kimmie and Tim Success in Clinical Laboratory Sciences by Ciulla was the best resource I found but I also had the BOR newest ed and A concise review of Clinical Laboratory Science by Joel Hubbard this one is older The hardest part of the exam was the wording of the questions so i do think that online practice questions such as the Lab ce game Kimmie's post and www.

I used the Momentrix yellow book and flashcards. I also used the ASCP free online quiz game: www. I've been out of college for 19 years so studying was a challenge, but I managed to pass. I'm sure you will do fine. Try the game in the link- it really helped! Good luck! Success in Clinical Laboratory Sciences by Ciulla is pretty good. A third book you can look at is the Bor 5th edition. In response to JD Harr do u know other book which would be helpful in creating concrit base?

What a relief, right? I felt the same way, wondeeing if the screen was correct, but I got my letter a few days later. Now it feels weird not to study! But a really good weird! Ok so the screen said I passed, not sure I believe it yet! As a military trained MLT this was a long road and a lot of time between graduation and qualifying as an MT.

Anyone need books or advice for being out of school a while 8yrs and taking the exam let me know. Good Luck to all. I found the Momentrix flashcards to be more useful. I also bought the Bor study book green book but I found it difficult and overwhelming. I panicked, too. I honestly thought I failed. I finally said screw it and stopped second guessing my answers.

I think pretty much everyone feels this way, but more often than not, people pass. I went for a run before my exam, and that really helped. Chill out- the worst thing that can happen is that you have to retake the test. At least you'll know what the test is like. Honestly, it is possible to pass.


Preparing to take ASCP MT exam in three weeks time

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