Armstrong A. Diagnosis and management of endometrial hyperplasia. The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology. Costales A, et al.

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Clinical Treatment and Follow-up of Endometrial Hyperplasia. Resultados: foram analisadas 42 pacientes com hiperplasia endometrial sem atipia e cinco com atipia. Sangramento uterino anormal. Kurman et al. Ferenczy et al. Gal et al. Purpose: to evaluate the efficacy of medroxyprogesterone acetate and megestrol acetate in endometrial hyperplasia. Patients and Methods: forty-seven patients with abnormal uterine bleeding were retrospectively evaluated.

The length of treatment ranged from 3 to 18 months. Results: forty-two patients with endometrial hyperplasia without atypia and 5 with hyperplasia with atypia were included. The mean age of the patients was Medroxy-progesterone acetate was effective in promoting regression of Despite treatment, lesions persisted in No progression to endometrial cancer was seen during the follow-up period of 3 months to 9 years.

During follow-up, we found that 18 patients Histological examination of the uterus showed 8 patients with persistence of hyperplastic lesion, 4 with leiomyoma, 3 with adenomyosis, 1 with diffuse uterine myohypertrophy, and 1 with normal uterus, despite regression of the hyperplastic lesions in 9 of the 17 patients.

Conclusions: the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia with medroxyprogesterone acetate and megestrol acetate can be a safe alternative for women who refuse to have their uterus removed or those at high risk for surgery. However, a careful monitoring of the endometrium is needed. This can be achieved with periodical endometrial biopsy, transvaginal ultrasonography, and evaluation of the symptoms. Medroxy-progesterone acetate. Endometrium: neoplasms. Uterine bleeding, abnormal.

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