Foram analisados dados de 1. Introduction: Uterine leiomyomas UL are considered the most common tumors of the female reproductive system. However, there are few epidemiological studies about this condition in Brazil. Aim: To estimate the prevalence of self-reported history of UL according to demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, and to markers of access to health care.

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Laparoscopic total hysterectomy due to uterine myomatosis. Differences between open versus laparoscopic surgery. About a case. ISSN The first reports of hysterectomy were in the year BC. The first indications for surgery were: Endometriosis, Abnormal uterine bleeding, Benign adnexal masses, Chronic pelvic pain in relation to adhesions, secondary to inflammatory disease, but it was not until that the first laparoscopic hysterectomy was performed by H.

Pelvic or prior surgery; Cancer of the endometrium, ovary and cervix stage l. Justification: A laparoscopic hysterectomy allows better visualization by magnifying anatomy and existing pathology, better access to Douglas fundus and ovarian fossae, better hemostatic control as well as diminishing abdominal incision pain.

Servicios Personalizados Revista. Similares en SciELO. Introduction: The first reports of hysterectomy were in the year BC.

Clinical case: a year-old female patient who started her illness four months prior to surgery with intermittent heavy bleeding with the use of 6 sanitary towels per day with a 15 x 15 menstrual cycle accompanied by colic type pain, which referred with hormonal Injectable and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, pelvic ultrasound was performed with a report of uterine myomatosis, passed to the operating room where it was found as uterus of 10x7x7cm with myomatosis of large subserosal elements, the largest of 7x7x7cm in the posterior wall of the uterus, being graduated To the third day of hospital stay without data of active bleeding, tolerating the oral route, channeling gases.

Conclusion: decreased hospital stay, greater return to activities, shorter hospital stay, reduced infection at the surgical wound site.


Miomas uterinos

Suspension of ulipristal acetate for uterine fibroids during ongoing EMA review of liver injury risk. Esmya: new measures to minimise risk of rare but serious liver injury. Leiomyomata uteri and myomectomy. Te Linde's operative gynecology, 9th edition. Variam desde o tamanho de uma semente a grandes tumores uterinos.


2012, NĂºmero 10

Ostrzensky A. Obstet Gynecol ; Multiple peritoneal parasitic myomas after laparoscopic myomectomy and morcellation. Fertil Steril ; Multiple leiomyomas after laparoscopic hysterectomy: report of two cases. J Minim Invasive Gynecol ; Parasitic peritoneal leiomyomatosis diagnosed 6 years after laparoscopic myomectomy with electric tissue morcellation: report of a case and review of the literature.



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