Hock Hochheim is a former military police patrolman and investigator, a former Texas patrol officer and detective, and former private investigator. He has graduated from numerous, national Assault and Violent Death police schools and street survival courses. He also organized protection and security for famous authors, politicians, musicians, TV and movie stars. Over the last 40 years Hock has studied martial arts and hand, stick, knife and gun combatives, earning numerous black belts in multiple systems. In , Hock founded Force Necessary , a training company that teaches situational, event-based, scenario-based fighting tactics to military, police and citizens.

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Login or Sign Up. Hock Hochheim. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 5. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 template Next. Chili Pepper. Originally posted by Don Gwinn View Post. I am not impressed with what I know of Hockheim's certification methods; they seem to rely heavily on the certified instructor having bought a lot of Hockheim video tapes. That's all I'm saying. Comment Post Cancel. Kajukine, the guy must offer something people like, but I can only evaluate what I was taught.

It was terrible and it was taught badly. It wasn't taught by Hockheim, but by a "certified" instructor. Kilted One. I've attended a number of Hock's seminars and have always picked up something solid for my "tool kit". He's open to criticism and is amenable to new ideas. Hock Hochheim Originally posted by Matt W. View Post. Hairholds, which were once a staple of LE Defensive Tactics, have pretty much been or are being abandoned. This is for the simple reason that they are unreliable due to a variety of factors including the obvious many people nowadays have short hair or shaved heads.

I have seen a lot of Hock's videos online. I have watched two of his DVDs and I know several people that have trained with him and know him personally. Some of his material is very good, some of it is good only in principle, and some of it is total crap.

However, the real glaring problems that stand out to me are: 1. His movement stinks. Now, does that mean that he can't be a good coach and teacher? Of course not.

However, his ability to personally execute what he teaches makes him look like an incompetent boob. His speaking and presenting skills are really awful. As I listen to him articulate his reasoning and follow his lines of thought, I just can't but help get the impression that this guy is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.

There is an arrogance and insecurity about his demeanor, use of language, and reasoning skills that I find very off-putting. He appears to be very embroiled in a lot of personal mud-slinging in regards to other guys in other styles of combatives. Right or wrong doesn't matter to me In general, he comes off to me as a mediocre clown with delusions of grandeur. At the risk of being sent to Sheer Dog, again, I have a set of Hock's training manuals and I found them useful. However, "useful" is a qualifier.

My focus in study relates heavily to government sponsored systems of training in the 20th century. Those don't necessarily produce the high end combatives technicians; instead, government systems produce police or soldiers with sufficient competency in basic skills to increase the odds of survival, because they also have to train on dozens of other skills and they have to give their time to administration and other organizational requirements.

The time and money constraints for training becomes self-limiting. In Bullshido, there are a lot of peope who put much more time into hand-to-hand training than most police and militaries.

It's an obvious statement, but this above average focus on specific technical development becomes the source of a lot of what I read in the various comments throughout the thread, and I did read each one. It creates a condition in which comparative examples disconnect at some point. The level of many commenters is above the techniques being presented in Hock's books. The material I saw reminded me a lot classic 's's military combatives training, and it was useful to me because it was clearly illustrated.

However, I cannot make any remarks about their usefulness against other systems, or comparisons between instructors. What I take Mr. Hochheim to be is someone with a military police and police background, and I accept his work as representative of that. Also, I suspect it shaped how he internalizes information and how he instructs others. I don't expect anything else from his material and use it within that context. Team Python. Originally posted by Rambamatic View Post. All rights reserved.

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Login or Sign Up. Hock Hochheim. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 5. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 template Next. Chili Pepper.


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