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Question 1. HTML is a markup language. Expand the term HTML. Question 2. Give examples of a container element in HTML. Question 3. Give the examples of an empty element in HTML. Question 4. Write the extension of HTML code file. CBSE Answer:. Question 5. What is the method of viewing the source code of the current page in the Web browser?

Question 6. Question 7. Question 8. Identify the error s in the following HTML code. Also, write the correct code. Question 9. Write one basic difference between bgcolor and background attributes. Question Name two common graphic files formats that most browser recognise. What is the use of width attribute in HTML?

The default color of alink is red. The default color of vlink attribute is purple. How the font size of a single line on a Web page be changed? Write any two options used with this tag. It uses attributes such as size, face etc. What is the method of using comment line in the HTML code?

Which heading element gives the most prominent headings? Which tag is used to insert heading of third level on a Web page? These headings help us in obtaining a uniform look and feel for the document. How can anyone insert horizontal line in a Webpage? How would you display text in the title bar of a browser? Write the HTML code to display horizontal line of red color. Write the expansions of the following tags used in HTML. CBSE Which HTML tag is used to insert an image in a page?

Write an option used with this tag. This tag uses the options like src, alt etc. What do you mean by src? It gives the URL of the image document. Write the full form of the following tags: CBSE What are the different forms of list used in HTML? Name any two. What are two basic tags in HTML lists? Can you change the style of numbers in an ordered list? Write the expansions of the following tags. Find error s in the following HTML code segment. Rewrite the correct code. What is the purpose of HTML?

It designs the basic layout and formatting of Web pages. HTML is made up of elements or tags and attributes, which work together to identify document parts and tell browser how to display them. What is an attribute in HTML? Attributes provide additional information about HTML elements.

It designs the basic layout and formatting of Web pages by using tags and attributes. Differentiate between container and empty elements used in HTML. CBSE , 10, 02 or Distinguish between container and empty tags. CBSE or Sriram software solution has used different tags in its Website some are empty while majority are container.

Give the detailed difference between container and empty elements. Container elements HTML container elements require a starting as well as an ending tags. Empty elements HTML empty elements require just a starting tag and not an ending tag. Title must be a simple text and should not be same as the file name. Find the error s in the following code and underline those errors. Write any two attributes used with this tag. It contains all the contents of a document. Various markup elements are allowed within the body to indicate heading, paragraphs, lists, hypertext links, images and so on.

Which tag do we use to change the size and style face of the text of an HTML file viewed on a Web browser? Also, explain any two attributes used with this tag.

List any two types of alignment that can be applied to a paragraph in HTML. This is the default alignment. Right alignment: This type of alignment aligns text in right within the paragraph.

Write the HTML code to create a paragraph whose text color is blue. Give any two attributes used with it. This horizontal line divides the screen horizontally. Explain the following with the help of an example: CBSE What is the purpose of using type attribute used in lists? What is the purpose of using start attribute used in lists?

Normally, the ordered list begins with 1. It lets you further customise an HTML ordered list by setting a new starting digit for the ordered list element. What is the output of the following segment of the HTML code? Explain the following with the help of an example. Name any two attributes used with this tag. An ordered list is also a list of items.

What is definition list? This list elements have a unique array of tags and elements; the resulting lists are similar to those you would see in a dictionary.

Identify error s in the following HTML code. So, the correct code is. Write a code to produce the following output. The basic purpose of this tag is to make the browser and text editor identify that the document is an HTML document. This is a container element and does not affect the appearance of the document. The content contained in the head section of your document provides information to the browsers and search engines but, it is not displayed directly on the Web page.

CBSE , 08 Answer:. It occurs only for one time in the document. The attributes of this tag are size and face. Where can a comment be placed in an HTML document? How is it useful? With the help of an example, explain how they are included in HTML code? Explain with an example. Identify which one is an attribute or a tag?


Dhanpat Rai Computer Applications for Class 10 by Sumita Arora

It is a document layout and hyperlink specification language i. What is a Tag? What is an Attribute? An attribute is a special word used inside tag to specify additional information to tag such as color, alignment etc. HEAD Tag : This tag contains information about the document, including the title, scripts, styles etc.

IEC 60958-3 PDF

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Foundation of Information Technology – HTML

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