For Businesses. Write a Review. We were in Montreal and wanted to get pizza when we opened yelp and saw this place. It had really good reviews so we decided to give this place a shot.

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For Businesses. Write a Review. We were in Montreal and wanted to get pizza when we opened yelp and saw this place. It had really good reviews so we decided to give this place a shot. When we entered, there was a long line up so we decided to dine out. We waited 15 minutes for the pizza which was quite fast considering how busy they were.

We ordered the Romana and Italian Hawaiian pizzas. Saying that their pizza is great is an understatement - it deserves way more than that. Their pizza crust is thin and crunchy and not soggy at all! They are generous with the amount of toppings they put too - both of our pizzas were cheesy just how I love it and flavourful.

Overall, I had a great experience here and I recommend to every pizza lover out there to check this place out. A BiG yes! I even forgot to take pictures because it was so great, we did wait about 25 minutes for a takeout.

Their pizza is awesome and takes really fast to make even though their lineups can be really long sometimes. I think that I would definitely return there, maybe I will actually go there now while writing this review just because it is really tasty.

I am a fan of Hawaiian pizza, which they have with a blue cheese. I wish their prices would be a bit cheaper, but I understand that their price-point is reasonable because they use higher quality product to make the pizza from scratch.

At last, just thanks for great dinner and increased mood of mine and my family. You are the best in Montreal, or maybe even one of the best in Canada. Where do I even begin? My husband and I stumbled across this place because it was our last day in Montreal and we were definitely craving pizza. I'm so glad we found this place because when I tell you this is one of the best pizzas I've ever had, I mean that!

I, of course opted for the simple margherita pie and it was phenomenal. It was my first meal of the day and normally I'm not a heavy eater that early, but I definitely devoured most of the pie myself! That too was so delicious! You will not be disappointed. They have a great wine menu as well! Service was great too, our waiter was very helpful when we were choosing our pizza selections and was attentive.

All in all, will def be returning. Plus, it had a great rating and large number of reviews on Yelp. We ordered delivery. Service was good, but the pizzas, unfortunately, were just not that good. They also got one of our orders wrong. Don't get me wrong. The pizzas weren't bad. I was just expecting better. Our group, which was staying in some apartments near McGill University, wanted pizza to be delivered for dinner.

I searched Yelp and Il Focolaio seemed like the best choice. They had a clean, professional-looking website with a detailed, up-to-date menu. My friends and I could easily choose what we wanted before I called in the order. All of Il Focolaio's pizzas are "individual" size at inches each. They have pizzas to fit various taste preferences, allergies, and dietary restrictions including ingredients like omega-3 vegan whole wheat pizza dough, gluten-free vegan crust, and organic lactose-free cheese.

In addition, they sell calzones, salads, subs, sausage plates, and desserts. They also offer a full bar with beer, wine, and cocktails. We took advantage of their "order 3 and get the 4th one free" delivery special. For every 4 pizzas you order, the cheapest pizza of the 4 is free.

We ordered on a Saturday night and there were no weekend restrictions for this special. Here's what we got with menu numbers : 5. My favorites were the Peperonata and Sicilienne in that order. The other pizzas were disappointing. I specifically requested no olives on the Hawaiian and our receipt confirmed this. However, they still included lots of olives on the pizza. I understand mistakes happen, but this was a pretty simple request and they messed it up. The pizza was okay otherwise. The Peperonata was standard and the Sicilienne was okay too.

Il Focolaio makes everything from scratch, in house, including their dough and sauce. I liked the crust. Nice and chewy with a little bit of crispiness and a decent amount of char. The pizzas are cooked in wood-fired ovens which gave the crusts an appetizing, subtly smoky flavor.

I was especially looking forward to trying the A La Griglia and Tartufo pizzas, but both let me down. The A La Griglia, which is a veggie pizza, was fine. It was just a little boring and didn't really have me craving more like a good pizza should. I did appreciate the amount and variety of vegetables, however. There were so many veggie toppings, they were falling off, left and right.

The veggies were fresh too. The Tartufo sounded delicious and mouth-watering. I love truffles and anchovies, but this one had a way-too-salty and funky taste to it. The sauce just wasn't what I was expecting and, combined with the goat cheese, was not very pleasant.

The Tartufo is definitely designed for certain palates and I do not recommend it for most people. Delivery was fast. On a Saturday night, I called and placed my order at pm. I received a call from the restaurant less than 30 minutes later, at pm, to let me know the driver was outside. The speed was impressive. We were staying in Milton Park a. Il Focolaio is located in downtown Montreal, less than 10 blocks away, almost a straight shot down Aylmer, so it was somewhat nearby.

A reasonable price. I'd be willing to give these guys another try. Il Focolaio means fireplace in Italian. People all have there favourite pizza in Mtl but until you've tried this wood stove pizza with there top quality toppings you haven't tried the best pizza in the city! Some pizza restaurants are good for one or 2 pizza's but this establishment doesn't have any bad ones. If your going downtown please do yourself a favour and see why this is the busiest pizza restaurant in the downtown core with a great view of Phillips Square.

Does this place get busy or what? After a 15 minute wait, four of us were seated on a busy October night. Tables are tight. Server brings an English menu as needed. Lots of pizzas to choose from. We went with Renaissance, while the other two chose Pepperoni.

Pizza comes out fast. They divide it up when you share. Each of us got two pieces. Not a place for leisurely dining. But definitely a good place for good quick pizza! From the outside this place doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary but surprisingly inside it's quite nice!

Came here with my boyfriend for some italian food but quickly realized this place was well known for its pizzas. It didn't take long to get seated and the waiters were really kind. Though this place can get a bit busy making it hard to grab your waiters attention to place an order or ask for something. My pizza was alright definitely have had much better margherita pizzas before. The pizza tasted more like a regular cheese pizza than margherita which I was bummed about since it was one of the popular pizzas.

My boyfriend on the other hand ordered the A La Griglia Pizza with Tomato Sauce which he also said was good but nothing spectacular.


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Be there at as lunch time is really buzy during the week. All dressed pizza: i recommend Enjoy. It would be a pleasure to serve you again soon. One of the best , if not the best pizza downtown. Sure it is busy and loud but the staff are great , the pizza is delicious and considering the volume the place is consistently great. So many options for pizza and the


Il Focolaio, Montreal

Very good pizza. In summer, the restaurant is always full and they have a terrace which make it a pleasing experience. Definitely recommend if you're craving for some pizza. Excellent pizza, very fairly priced and the terrasse in the summer is always booming. I intend on coming back many times this summer.

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