Section 6. You must install Informatica PowerCenter 8. The components and architecture for Informatica PowerCenter 8. Oracle recommends that you carefully review the Informatica PowerCenter 8.

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Data Quality Dictionar Data Quality Analyst U Solving Data Inconsist BMC Patrol Integration Drools Integration Use Node B Integration Gui Information Quality Me Data Confidentiality, Informatica Data Quali Informatica PowerCenter Version 9. All rights reserved. This software and documentation contain proprietary information of Informatica Corporation and are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are also protected by copyright law.

Reverse engineering of the software is prohibited. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior consent of Informatica Corporation. This Software may be protected by U. Use, duplication, or disclosure of the Software by the U. Government is subject to the restrictions set forth in the applicable software license agreement and as provided in DFARS The information in this product or documentation is subject to change without notice.

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This Software is protected by U. Patent Numbers 5,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 6,,; 7,,; 7,,; 7,,; 7,,; 7,,; and 7,,, international Patents and other Patents Pending. Informatica Corporation does not warrant that this software or documentation is error free. The information provided in this software or documentation may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. The information in this software and documentation is subject to change at any time without notice.

The Informatica Data Quality Integration for PowerCenter Guide is written for PowerCenter users who must install the plug-in or work with data quality mapplets and mappings in the PowerCenter repository. This guide assumes you are familiar with PowerCenter administration tools and can install applications on PowerCenter machines. Informatica Documentation The Informatica Documentation team takes every effort to create accurate, usable documentation.

We will use your feedback to improve our documentation. Let us know if we can contact you regarding your comments. The Documentation team updates documentation as needed. The site contains information about Informatica, its background, upcoming events, and sales offices.

You will also find product and partner information. The services area of the site includes important information about technical support, training and education, and implementation services. The How-To Library is a collection of resources to help you learn more about Informatica products and features. Use the Knowledge Base to search for documented solutions to known technical issues about Informatica products.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions, technical white papers, and technical tips. The Multimedia Knowledge Base is a collection of instructional multimedia files that help you learn about common concepts and guide you through performing specific tasks.

Online Support requires a user name and password. If you are a PowerCenter user, you can add the exported mapplets to mappings and configure the mappings in sessions. If the objects you export to the PowerCenter repository contain data quality transformations, you must verify that the Informatica Data Quality 9.

PowerCenter 9. Note: PowerCenter 9. Run the Client installer on the PowerCenter Client machine to view mapplets and mappings and add them to sessions. Run the Server installer on the PowerCenter Integration Service machine to run the sessions in workflows. Installing Reference Data If a deployed mapplet or mapping reads reference data files, install the reference data files on the PowerCenter Integration Service machine.

You can use Informatica Developer to export reference table data from the Model repository and staging area when you export a mapplet or mapping.

You can also run the Data Quality 9. You must run the Content Installer to add address reference data files or identity population data files to the PowerCenter machine. Changes to Data Quality Transformations When you import a data quality mapplet or mapping from the Model repository to the PowerCenter repository, the data quality transformations change.

All data quality transformations created in the Developer tool appear with the digit 9 added to their icons in PowerCenter Designer. Multi-Instance Transformations You can define multiple data transformation strategies within each of the following transformations in the Developer tool, with each strategy using a unique set of input and output ports: Case, Decision, Key Generator, Labeler, Match, Merge, Parser, Standardizer These are multi-instance transformations.

When you import a mapplet or mapping that contains a multi-instance transformation, each strategy converts to a separate transformation. When you import a mapplet that contains one or more of these transformations, PowerCenter expands the configuration of each transformation into multiple transformations and adds Expression transformations to complete the transformation logic.

It does not enable PowerCenter to run sessions that contain objects that were created in older versions of Informatica Data Quality. If you are using PowerCenter 8. Prior to Informatica Data Quality 9. The Informatica Data Quality 8. Obtain the latest 8. The Informatica Data Quality 9. It permits you to import objects from Informatica Data Quality 9.

These conditions also apply when the 9. The following components and objects are not compatible with the Informatica Data Quality 9. Register the plug-in with any PowerCenter 8. Complete the following steps to install and register the plug-in: 1. This enables PowerCenter to run a workflow that contains a data quality object.

Run the Client installer on a PowerCenter Client machine. This enables PowerCenter to display data quality objects in the PowerCenter repository. Do not run the plug-in installers or register the plug-in on a PowerCenter 9. System Requirements The Informatica Data Quality Integration Plug-in has the same system requirements as the PowerCenter applications and services to which it installs. For information about PowerCenter prerequisites and system requirements, consult the PowerCenter installation documentation.

Close all applications before installing. Log in to the machine with a system user account. Extract the Integration Server file for Windows. Browse to the directory where you extracted the files and run install. Select a language and click OK.

On the Welcome screen, click Next.


Informatica 8.6 PC_86_DesignerGuide

Designer Guide. Version 8. Informatica PowerCenter Designer Guide. June Copyright c — Informatica Corporation. All rights reserved. This software and documentation contain proprietary information of Informatica Corporation and are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are also protected by copyright law.


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