This is an international website. If you are a US citizen, please select the US site. Patients Medical Professionals. International USA. Reshaping the Cornea to Treat Keratoconus.

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This is an international website. If you are a US citizen, please select the US site. Patients Medical Professionals. International USA. Reshaping the Cornea to Treat Keratoconus. Proven Clinical Safety.

Upcoming Events. Patient Testimonials. I am now able to see perfectly without glasses or contacts. Before the surgery I feared the thought of eventually losing my sight and needing transplants, but now I have a whole new lookout on life and my future.

I feel very lucky to have found and taken part in these new and exciting treatments for keratoconus. The treatments were quick with minimal discomfort. The very next day my vision in my left eye was clear beyond my expectations with Intacs.

In addition, the staff was very nice and professional. I am truly shocked at just how easy the surgery was, and just how much of the world I had been missing.

Thank you! I appreciate the care I have received very much. Thanks for the help. Unfortunately my kerataconus was not evident. I could not tolerate a hard contact lens to correct my vision.

Dr Cohen performed the Intacs procedure in February This has completely changed my life! As a doctor, I have high expectations of other physicians. He is an awesome surgeon and I would send any family member to him for vision correction. I would recommend this procedure to anyone with kerataconus. Treated by Dr Richard Cohen. Terri Prescott , Physician, Florida.


Intacs corneal inserts or implants: A proven treatment for keratoconus

Study record managers: refer to the Data Element Definitions if submitting registration or results information. The two tiny INTACS inserts are surgically placed into the periphery of the cornea through a tiny cut that is made on the cornea after numbing drops have been applied. A specially designed instrument creates a tunnel by separating the tissue layers in the outside periphery of the cornea, the INTACS inserts are placed into this tunnel where they remain. One or two ophthalmic sutures will be placed to close the incision. A postoperative care information booklet will be given to the patients; patients will be followed by means of postoperative appointments for up to 12 months after the surgery. Pre-OR visit 1.



Our advertisers are important supporters of this site, and content cannot be accessed if ad-blocking software is activated. Need help? Click here for instructions. All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy. C3-Riboflavin for the Treatment of Keratoconus. Computer technology and biotechnology have improved our understanding of keratoconus over the past few years. Keratoconus ie, Greek derivitate, conical cornea may be defined as a noninflammatory ecstatic corneal disorder.


Stabilizing the Cornea with Intacs

CANNES, France — Positive results obtained on an increasing number of cases indicate that Intacs micro-thin prescription inserts may be an effective method for treating keratoconus patients with contact lens intolerance, according to a report on 2-year results with this technique. Penetrating keratoplasty PK has a good rate of success regarding visual acuity but should always be delayed as long as possible, especially in young patients, Prof. Colin said. When the cornea has become opaque and irregular astigmatism has become severe, there is no option other than keratoplasty.

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