XScale is a microarchitecture for central processing units initially designed by Intel implementing the ARM architecture version 5 instruction set. XScale uses a seven-stage integer and an eight-stage memory super- pipelined microarchitecture. It is the successor to the Intel StrongARM line of microprocessors and microcontrollers , which Intel acquired from DEC 's Digital Semiconductor division as part of a settlement of a lawsuit between the two companies. The XScale core is used in a number of microcontroller families manufactured by Intel and Marvell:. There are also standalone processors: the and targeted primarily at PCI applications.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Specification. Table of Contents. Dual-core intel itanium processor and series pages. Core 2 duo mobile processor, intel core 2 solo mobile processor and intel core 2 extreme mobile processor on nm process, platforms based on mobile intel 4 series express chipset family pages.

Page 4 Processor Pin Types Data Sheet Page 7: About This Document A rich set of serial devices as well as general-system resources provide enough compute and connectivity capability for many applications. Page 8: Package Information 3. Page 10 Package Information Table 3.

Page 11 Package Information Table 3. Page 12 Package Information Table 3. Page 13 Package Information Table 3. Page 14 Package Information Table 3. Page 15 Package Information Table 3. Page 16 Package Information Table 3. No external caps are required. Note [2] Note [2] LCD display data. Page 17 Package Information Table 3.

Page Pin Description Notes Section 4. If selected as an input, this pin does not drive during sleep. If selected as an output, the value contained in the sleep-state register is driven out onto the pin and held there while the PXA processor is in sleep mode.

Order Package Information Table 5. Page 21 Package Information Table 5. Page Power Consumption Specifications These figures are important when considering battery size and optimizing regulator efficiency.

Typical systems operate with fewer modules active and at nominal voltage and load. Table 8. All AC specification values are valid for the entire temperature range of the device.

Page 3. If floated, some degree of noise susceptibility will be introduced in the system; therefore, it is not recommended. Table Hardware Reset Timing Specifications Symbol Sleep Mode Timing Specifications Symbol It can be divide-by-2 of the Print page 1 Print document 40 pages.

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Intel PXA255 Datasheet




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