Quick Links. Download this manual. Pitts S2B. Read these instructions carefully before use and retain them for fu-.

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By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Find out more. Average Rating. Strengths: The parts are cut with presicion ant they fit well.

There are optional things so you can configure it. Weaknesses: low quality balsa, the cut is not all around the pieces and it is easy to break while removing the parts. The cowl is made of laminated balsa pieces and not removeable. Overall: The model is nice to deal with.

My model is under construction so i can't comment on it's flight performance. Weaknesses: Could do with better plans and hardware laser cutting not that good. Overall: Although I have not constructed model airplane kit for over30yrs I did not find this kit over difficult a bit like riding a bike I have yet to fly it but will certainly be purchasing another jamara kit.

Strengths: Hopefully it'll be a nice plane when it's done. If it get's done, that is Weaknesses: I can echo the above thoughts; Jamara have done their best to keep the builder from knowing what's supposed to happen with certain aspects of this kit.

Some of the laser cutting is very poor, with wobbly lines and not cut all the way through the sheet. I've got some building experience, but this one is a real head scratcher. Overall: Not recommended, and if anyone buys one of these kits as a first build then they'll be put off for life!

Very disappointing overall. Strengths: Nicely laser cut, fairly good wood selection. Lovely subject, useful size cheap to kit out. Weaknesses: No useful plan, instructions not great. Build requires much interpretation based on years of experience. No under carriage provided and sketchy detail for fitting retracts or fixed gear. No info re flap servo fitting nor provision for wing mounting bolts. Overall: Worth persisting with as it goes together well once you've thought it through.

Plenty of opportunity to add scale details Flys very well, quite fast, V tail works nicely will programme a little rudder with aileron for nice coordinated turns. Strengths: Most interlocking parts generally fit well. Nice to have a real built up kit of an iconic aircraft. Weaknesses: Total lack of useful instructions, there is a very useful forum online, though sadlyall in German, where there are many good photos depictiing the build. Some very soft and delicate wood used. Overall: One for the long winter evenings with much musing involved!

Strengths: Nice model, pretty exciting to build with the lack of instructions of any worth. Weaknesses: balsa not the best quality.

Laser cutting fairly random in quality. Design of some of the "bits" ribs, in particular inadequate. Overall: I did get three copies of the instruction manual, but that was just rubbing in the lack of use. I have been building planes for about 40 years or more so experience was a gret help in trying to work out how to build this lovely plane. Still trying to work out how to finish bits off. Latest Forum Posts.

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Canopy Pitts S2B


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