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To ask other readers questions about Jandar Of Callisto , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Jandar Of Callisto. Dec 03, Derek rated it it was ok Shelves: sword-and-planet.

Carter replicates A Princess of Mars of course with a plot arc traversing multiple books. This is not a bad idea in itself, but it means that there's no satisfying payoff at any level for this particular book: romantic interest Princess Darloona reluctantly accepts Jandar's presence at best, the Black Legion has captured the princess and her home city, and Jandar and his compatriots have not yet achieved distinction and social success.

Their actual successes are necessary but not exactly sh Carter replicates A Princess of Mars of course with a plot arc traversing multiple books. Their actual successes are necessary but not exactly showpieces, and are usually achieved at cost. Jandar's stupid mistakes give the opportunity to redeem himself, but they don't cover the fact that he keeps making stupid mistakes.

Lin Carter's writing style, here, is blessedly free of author intrusion, but there is little attempt to amaze the reader. The story diverges into discussions of the way the sky glows to simulate daylight, or the mechanism of the preposterous flying pirate ships, when a simple handwave would do. Edgar Rice Burroughs had the ability to detect when reader interest was flagging and would change things up by introducing something weird or something exciting.

Of all of Lin Carter's shortcomings, his lack of self-criticism has always been the most glaring. This reread, after quite a bit more bad sword-and-planet stories, has put the book in more context, but it reveals that "stretch it out" is not the thing to do with A Princess of Mars.

View all 5 comments. Jun 27, Brad Sheridan rated it it was amazing. Just found this in my local hole-in-the-wall used bookstore. It's totally awesome. The first of a series but the store only had this and I think 4 Mind Wizards of Callisto.

Gotta hunt up the rest. I feel like I could read the whole series six books I think in about a weekend. Out of print these days I think. It's an ERB-type thing about a military guy in Vietnam who gets whisked away to Cllisto, one of Jupiter's moons, there to encounter six-legged tigers, evil bad guys, red-leafed Amazing!

It's an ERB-type thing about a military guy in Vietnam who gets whisked away to Cllisto, one of Jupiter's moons, there to encounter six-legged tigers, evil bad guys, red-leafed plants and, of course, a moon princess who's a total hottie. God I'm a sucker for this stuff. Why isn't THIS being made into a movie? View 1 comment. Jun 17, B. Reese rated it really liked it Shelves: my-books.

This book was a fun and somewhat fresh take on Burroughs' A Princess of Mars. Pretty much the same formula, but new environment. Some of the elements are certainly contrived and a bit of a stretch to get the protagonist to fit into the John Carter mold. Certainly it would be rare that someone going to war in Vietnam would have had fencing practice as a kid, but just go with it. This is not high literature, it's a fun adventure. If you're looking for more Barsoom-esque tales, here you go.

Jul 30, Philip Athans rated it it was amazing. More than simply "inspired by" the John Carter novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, this is still a fun example of the sword and planet sub-genre from one of fantasy's great "hacks"--and I use that word with great respect, believe it or not. Jandar of Callisto succeeds at being good old fashioned goofy FUN.

Mar 30, Leothefox rated it it was ok. Lin Carter does it again. This book came out in , which made it one of many series from around that time to pay similar homage. Zanthar, and others who followed in the shadow of John Carter. Anybody who has read the Barsoom series knows what's coming, which may leave them as it did me just a tad impatient. Let's set comparison aside for just a second though. This book basically has three prologues: the first, in which Lin Carter tells us he is a wonderful author, but he did not write this, the second, in which air-force guy Gary Hoyt says that all the boys in Vietnam love his wonderful Thongor books and that his missing friend Jon Dark vanished and left this mysterious manuscript, and finally the third, in which Jon Dark narrates his early life at length in order to explain how he wound up in Cambodia and why he is such a masculine badass somehow he holds off telling how much he likes Thongor until later.

The result is that 43 pages go by before our sword-and-planet hero actually gets to the planet. Like I said before, this is probably the best thing I've read from Lin Carter, and this is due entirely to the Edgar Rice Burroughs influence forcing him to include escapes, sword fights, mishap, peril, etc. The problem is that he uses them all begrudgingly and not very well. The effectiveness of Burroughs stories, any of his stories, was not just the use of planets or inventions or creatures, but a heightened sense of drama carried through by the hero's sense of heightened longing and desperation.

Jon Dark's motivations are there from time to time, but he does not seem to possess the crystal-clear tunnel vision that kept John Carter ravaging Mars from pole to pole looking for Dejah Thoris. Part of the problem is that the romance is never quite there. Romantic love seems like an alien thing to Lin Carter, probably because that would take time away from him describing clothes and settings and listing colors.

Princess Darloona is put off by Jon Dark because of social errors much like Dejah Thoris was , but she never seems to get over it and she remains an object of desire only. Another issue is that Jon Dark is never really a badass of any description.

He passes through many of the kinds of situations that a Burroughs hero would, only he just isn't as good. The lengthy early chapter seems to make this guy a ready-made action hero, and yet he isn't really a man of action and doesn't win any fights, at least not at first. I'm probably rattling on too long about this, but I will add that most of the book is bogged down in description and that Jon Dark has a long sword fight in which he tries to write his name on the other guy's chest because he's suddenly decided he's awesome.

Lin Carter wrote 7 sequels to this. I own some of them. I doubt I'll read them. Mar 30, Johnny rated it liked it Shelves: space-opera , pulp-adventure. Jandar of Callisto is dedicated to Edgar Rice Burroughs. Author Lin Carter was obviously an ERB aficionado and, in writing this science and I use the term loosely fantasy pulp adventure series, he has assembled an incredible homage to the master of the genre. Although Carson Napier has a rocket go awry, it is launched from a third world location.

John Carter found hieroglyphics in a desert cave. Jon Dark finds an abandoned well in a Cambodian village which causes him to be teleported to a location in space. The fantasy element is that just as ERB created societies on a dying Mars and a mysteriously fecund Venus, Lin Carter creates a society of warrior protocol and airships on Callisto. You know before you start reading that either the Princess or both Jandar and the Princess will be captives more than once and you know before you start that the earthman protagonist is going to have some kind of physical advantage due to having been transplanted to worlds of different gravity and atmosphere.

As a result, you know that the protagonist is going to win an improbable one-on-one duel at some point. There is even the obligatory gladiator-style scene, though I enjoyed the images in this one even more than one I remember from the John Carter series The Chessmen of Mars as memory serves me. Upon completing the book, I can say that in spite of all the homage scenes and characters , there is enough freshness to make it interesting.

Even though the structure is ERB-compatible I just made up that term for my own amusement , it is full of clever ideas in terms of settings, society, and suspense. It leaves room for more adventure and entertainment. It's yet another light, escapist series I will be collecting.


Callisto series

Jandar of Callisto is a science fantasy novel by American writer Lin Carter , the first in his Callisto series. It was first published in paperback by Dell Books in December , and reprinted twice through September The first British edition was published by Orbit Books in It was later gathered together with Black Legion of Callisto into the omnibus collection Callisto: Volume 1 The story is told in the first person by the hero, Jonathan Dark, who is represented to be its author.


Jandar of Callisto



Jandar Of Callisto




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