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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The provides smooth and accurate reproduction of cinema soundtracks in a compact and very cost effective system. JBL quality and ScreenArray performance in a two-way system.

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IP: Logged. The Film-Tech Forums are designed for various members related to the cinema industry to express their opinions, viewpoints and testimonials on various products, services and events based upon speculation, personal knowledge and factual information through use, therefore all views represented here allow no liability upon the publishers of this web site and the owners of said views assume no liability for any ill will resulting from these postings.

The posts made here are for educational as well as entertainment purposes and as such anyone viewing this portion of the website must accept these views as statements of the author of that opinion and agrees to release the authors from any and all liability. Both being properly tuned to the room of course.

These would be for a large HT. Smoothness, vocals, dynamics are are of high priority. I know the is well liked speaker, yet I've also read good things about the and I know how much you guys like QSC. Pros and Cons? JBL stuff is nothing but crap today, 30 to 40 year old designs, now much of which is made in Mexico and China! I don't even bother with JBL any more.

I've read some really good things about the suggesting it's one of JBLs better speakers. Not only is it a three way system, but the high frequencies are reproduced much cleaner on the QSC, resulting in a better intelligible dialog, which in my opinion, is very important.

I've installed a lot of sets of the SC's and they would be hard to come close to at twice the price. BTW: How deep is the room you intend to use them in? Steve Guttag We forgot the crackers Gromit!!!

I completely agree on the dialog part. However, in general, a good 2-way beats an economy 3-way almost every time. It is much harder to get three things to match up than 2 things and the crossover points are another.

In the SC's case, that would at Hz How well that is going to perform is dependent on the similarities of the two drivers and the crossover too. The stands over inches tall with the spread between the HF and LF driver larger than a 2-way like the In a home theatre, where your distance to speaker is typically going to be relatively short, this may also prove to hamper the perceived audio.

From QSC, in the home, there is a and 2-way and 3-way respectively. They also have new speakers for small rooms The , And their reference monitor 3-way but no midrange But since you are going to listen to them YOU should audition what you are going to buy and not listen to any of us. Likewise, someone will have heard an awesome speaker in an unfavorable condition and think it is total crap so all you are left with is opinions. For my own home theatre, I'd used neither of the options but that is my personal opinion.

For cinemas, the JBL is an extremely cost effective speaker that gets the job done. It isn't the best thing in the world and doesn't claim to be and neither does the SC I also really like the SC But I wouldn't use it in my home unless I had a theatre like Brad's that is effectively an actual commercial cinema in size. Steve I completely agree and I was hoping you would chime in as I know you like the and like Mark I know you know your stuff.

How do you feel it compares directly to the besides being a 3 way but purely sound wise? Have you heard the ? Mark, Thanks as well. You too Marcel! The room is 22x16 with Besides the front 3 I'll have rears, dual surrounds, wides, atmos. A baffle wall with 18" of space behind will be installed. QSC to feed the front 3 needed an amp as the atomos AVRs need an amp to run some of the channels. The enviorment should work very well. I've owned the and loved them. My house and theater are currently being built.

While testing these s out I've noticed insane projection of detail. One scene from dumb and dumber they're in a hot tub and I was stunned , it sounded like I was surrounded by water and hot tub jets this was in 2 channel testing.

I hooked my Paradigms up and replayed the scene and the sound was hardly audible, they dominated the Paradigms in so many ways. It's not as much about SPL although undistorted reference is important but these speakers do so much else that I haven't heard elswhere, dyanamics, vocals, imaging are all top notch. This is why they've become popular on AVS. Of course over there QSC hasn't really been given a chance.. It sounds to me, you've already made your choice or you should have based on that statement.

And I kinda threw a wrench commenting that QSC has kinda taken over and proven it self above JBL as far as most of the Pro installers you guys are concerned. That turned the topic to which is the better speaker smoother, more dynamic, better vocals etc , the or , and how big of a difference is it? Honestly we don't have enough knowledge to do anything but speculate as lugging these huge things around the country to get together and have blind test would be an enormous pain.

We don't really have the chance to setup and use these speakers like you guys do to the point where yall basically have more knowledge on the speakers in question than all of us combined would ever have.

So I figured I may as well as the Pros. So it was not only for me, but to get a feel of how they compared from those with the most experience with them. Also if you guys felt the was a clearly better speaker than the I would definitely make the switch. Of course thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case. You have to test the speakers yourself, possibly in your room. What I like may not be what you are looking for.

Also be aware of what Steve said, again: in a small room a large speaker may be a disadvantage. Personally, for what matters, I cannot recommend QSC. Brand to brand there is at least as much difference. Almost every speaker has its own personality which we call coloration.

Which is best? Get one you like; everything will be filtered through it and you will like what you hear. If you have transducers capable of the whole audible range, why introduce a third unit presenting additional phasing problems. All times are Central GMT Printer-friendly view of this topic.


JBL 4722 Two-Way ScreenArrayT Cinema Loudspeaker System

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JBL 4722N-HF Passive model with Network High-frequency Two-Way ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker Each

The provides smooth and accurate reproduction of cinema soundtracks in a compact and very cost effective system. The system is comprised of two parts: the HF high-frequency pack and the low-frequency system. The N passive system utilizes a sophisticated crossover network. Developed using computer optimization technology, it provides seamless transition resulting in excellent power response and controlled directivity. Your Review. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The SRMv3 does all the work that your old front of house rack took care of.





JBL - 4722


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