The classic of practical mysticism is published with four bonus works in this handsome signature edition. Since it first appeared in , The Impersonal Life has touched hundreds of thousands of readers. Its simple meditative message teaches you, step by step, to realize that your own consciousness is one with all of Creation -- that you are an outlet of Divine will. Once that extraorinary truth is understood, your wishes become one with God, and your life unfolds in a meaningful, exuberant mosiac in which your fondest hopes and highest purposes are realized. Written anonymously by American mystic Joseph S. Benner , The Impersonal Life is one of the modern landmarks of New Thought and mystical spirituality.

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His father John W. Benner was a businessman. Benner attended public schools and held positions at J. He was chief owner of the Akron Printing Company. He remained an officer of the Central Savings and Trust Company for the rest of his career. Benner married Nillie E.

Stuver in Both were members of the Lutheran Church. According to author Jon Klimo, "by , Benner said he felt he could no longer resist the growing inclination to give himself over as a vehicle to a larger presence, to let his mind be subsumed by or co-creatively interact with a larger Mind or Being.

Benner taught that Christ's proclaiming "I AM" indicated "the true spirit that resides in every human being. One of the group's practices was to "enter into the silence, stillness and peace" each day at noon.

Benner also made a series of lessons called the "Inner Life Courses" he intended to develop discipline in life, discernment and the awakening of the Christ within the soul. Benner died in According to his daughter, letters were found after his death in which he expressed devotion to God and his belief that God had chosen him as a medium.

In his writing, Benner expresses the New Thought concept that we are all one with God, and that God endows each of us with the power to create our experiences and reality by means of sustained, believed thoughts.

His book, The Impersonal Life, is difficult for many persons who are new to the theory. In the first chapter, Benner repeatedly uses the phrase, "I AM," to express the concept that God is inside of each one of us, doing the thinking and creating. However, it is new to many Christian readers, and can be a difficult concept for many in the West to initially accept.

Benner seems to be using his first chapter as a litmus test, to drive off readers who are not committed to his premise that we are all "one with each other and with God. Benner describes the process as follows:. In accordance with the definiteness with which the picture of the Idea is held in the mind, and the extent to which the Idea possesses the personality does its creative Power, impelled by Desire, proceed with It's work.

When the Word is spoken, either silently or audibly, consciously or unconsciously, this substance at once begins to materialize Itself, by first directing and controlling the consciousness and all of the activities of both mind and body, and of all the minds and all bodies connected with or related to the Idea, -- for remember, all consciousness, and all minds and all bodies are Mine, and are not separated but are One.

In other words, Benner contends that a sustained believed image, projected into the Universal Mind, has the ability to control not just one's own thoughts and behaviors -- but the thoughts and behaviors of all humanity —causing the image to ultimately become reality for the person projecting that image.

Benner's book The Way Out —written in —is an excellent textbook on how to use the Law of Attraction. He describes the law as follows: "Whatever you think and hold in consciousness as being so, out manifests itself in your body or affairs. In other words, the thoughts themselves are but mental forms, but when you think them with feeling of any kind you fill these forms with life and they become as living things which ever return to you, their parent, to be fed with more living power.

You can see now that it is all a matter of consciousness, of thinking and harboring the right kind of thoughts you wish to outmanifest, and of letting into your mind no thoughts you do not want to manifest in your body or affairs. Benner emphasizes to take no thought, or be anxious about anything, that you wish to manifest. He says to "stand guard continually at the door of your mind, and to let in no thoughts or feelings that you do not want to outmanifest. Guard the door from every negative thought.

If you will keep all such untrue thoughts out of your mind, you can see that then and then only can your Higher Self draw into your mind the true and positive thoughts that will attract to you the good that is waiting to manifest itself to you. Elvis was introduced to the book by his hairdresser-turned-guru, Larry Geller, in In the last 13 years of his life, Elvis gave away hundreds of copies of the book.

According to biographer, Jess Stearn, "He gave away spiritual books by the score. It was nothing for him to buy one hundred copies of The Impersonal Life and give them away to the first one hundred people he saw.

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Joseph Sieber Benner

The visit to this website, is no coincidence. Coincidence does not exist. Each event, without exception, is originally a thought. Where did your idea come from? The fact is that a thought brought you to this site. This site has a message for you, at least if you accept it.



His father John W. Benner was a businessman. Benner attended public schools and held positions at J. He was chief owner of the Akron Printing Company. He remained an officer of the Central Savings and Trust Company for the rest of his career. Benner married Nillie E.


The Impersonal Life

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Joseph S. Benner (1872-1938)


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