There is nothing more thrilling or more scary than embarking on a long path of academic inquiry all by yourself. I've conducted my research throughout Europe and it has been a blessing to do that with the understanding of my advisors and a completely free hand. It has also been a very lonely process. Your most Exciting or Worthwhile Experience in this Position: Interviewing former policy makers whose decisions directly impacted my life. Not so much because I gained an insight into how they made their decisions or why, but rather because I learned how they have rationalized their decisions years later and how they've come to terms with the consequences. Some of them are still tormented by their past choices and replay them daily, and some have built walls in their heads and have actually constructed completely new realities - probably in order to deal with their own roles.

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Learn more about the actions Yale University Press is taking. By looking through the prism of the West's involvement in the breakup of Yugoslavia, this book presents a new examination of the end of the Cold War in Europe. The book also sheds light on the dramatic clash of opinions within the Western alliance regarding how to respond to the crisis.

With subtlety and acute insight, The Hour of Europe provides a fresh understanding of events that continue to influence the shape of the post—Cold War Balkans and the whole of Europe.

By steadily broadening his scope of examination to include European and American diplomatic actors, the author demonstrates the limits of 'realism' and the contradictions of a supposedly common European project.

Skip to main content. Western Powers and the Breakup of Yugoslavia. Description Reviews Table of Contents. Also of Interest. James Mark. Catalonia and the Counter Reformation. Henry Kamen. Joseph P. Charles R. Gallagher, S. A Historical Portrait.

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Political Science

He earned his PhD in political science with distinction from Yale University in , and his BA in political science and international business summa cum laude from Illinois Wesleyan University. The team uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches to answer a number of questions with real policy relevance beyond Southeast Europe: What determines electoral results and the quality of governance in post-conflict societies? Is governance crippled by the destructive legacies of conflict? For a full CV, please click here. Last updated on: Thursday, 12 December About the University.


The Hour of Europe

Studying at Cambridge. Dr Josip Glaurdic. Congratulations to Dr. ERC Starting Grants are designed to encourage young talented research leaders to gain independence in Europe and to build their own careers.


Prof. Dr. Josip Glaurdić



Dr Josip Glaurdic wins 1.5 million ERC Starting Grant


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