Jurnal yang diterbitkan oleh ScienceScholar. Bahasa English Tanggal Sepanjang waktu 40 Sejak 40 Rentang khusus Negara Indonesia 6 Ekuador 7 Kuba 1. Propinsi Bali 4. This research designed a website application using Tabu Search Algorithm.

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Jurnal yang diterbitkan oleh ScienceScholar. Bahasa English Tanggal Sepanjang waktu 40 Sejak 40 Rentang khusus Negara Indonesia 6 Ekuador 7 Kuba 1.

Propinsi Bali 4. This research designed a website application using Tabu Search Algorithm. We applied the Queuing method to find the shortest distance. Applications with this algorithm can provide the fastest route in Mount Merapi eruption in was one type of eruption with large scale during the last years.

Eruptions that was occurred resulting topographic changes in the peak of Mount Merapi, and the possib Meat moisture measuring devices can be made using microcontroller AT89S52 based copper electrode sensors.

The workflow of the meat content measuring device begins with a copper sensor that detects the Web-based Speed Monitoring Tools Download. Wayan Wisnawa Saputra. The development of communication technology and science in this globalization era is very rapid. In utilizing this technology using laptops and the internet using Web as a means to monitor wind speed A device that can increase security against theft has been made, thus reducing public anxiety to leave their home when the house is empty, especially for a long time.

Online CCTV that has been equippe The purpose of this research is to identify the diversity of Bali's traditional acoustic tools as a physical repellent of bird pest on rice paddy crop that characterizes local Balinese wisdom as well The decision of the Cuban Government to massively introduce Renewable Energy Sources RES as a way to change the energy matrix, and in particular, the electricity matrix, is presented as an opportuni It presents an analysis linked to one of the sustainable energy alternatives that are currently being adopted with worldwide success.

Putting the field research method into practice. The results of a The dam is a reservoir that stores about ,, cubic meters of water, has multiple purposes allowing flood control, produces irrigation water, for human consumption and shrimp farming in the are Photovoltaic systems installed in Ecuador benefit from the geographical position of the country, since, being located on the equatorial line, solar radiation is constant throughout the year, varying i Research has been conducted on the concentration of radon gas in air quality in air-conditioned rooms that can increase the potential for lung cancer.

Indoor air quality is influenced by factors such This study aims to find a suitable vegetation index model to analyze the distribution of clove vegetation in Buleleng regency, Bali. Solar energy is one of the sources of renewable energy and more dispersed in the territory, this can be implemented for different energy uses for being a clean energy and that can be sustainable over The power plant has been created with turbine ventilator as a source of electrical energy for lighting.

La Sawali. This article describes the effect of training strategy on forehand drills and arm strength on the ability of a forehand drive stroke on tennis. Operationally, the purpose of this research is to know t Wayan Astu Werdistira. In this era, the internet has become the main media utilized by many people. In Indonesia, teenagers use the internet to find some information related to school, work, and lifestyle. The Internet make Solar energy is one of the renewable sources with the best prospects for the future, which can have used directly in two fundamental ways: thermal energy and photovoltaic solar energy.

Photovoltaic sy In the construction of pavement, structures are determined by granular materials treated with asphalt emulsion in the pavements, in the structure of the pavements is very common to find unsuitable mat


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X-ray Radiographic Study of β-Tricalcium Phosphate Bioceramics as a Tooth Filler


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