Books have an interesting history. As incubators of ideas they have bred revolutions which, in turn, have spawned myriad characters—both nauseating and colourful—making history in their own right. However, books also have a history of upsetting people, powerful people at that. They have found books inconvenient, to say the very least. Recall what conquerors, in particular, did with books of the lands vanquished by them. History informs us, for instance, of Hulagu Khan, the Mongol conqueror and grandson of Genghis Khan, having a particular dislike of books.

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But prevention is better than cure worked and blessing in disguise brought Pharos Media, an Indian publishing house to the horizon. A good omen indeed because now the trend has changed and this change will help boost the Indo-Pak relations.

Now a Pakistani author of Indian origin, seeing no light in his chosen land found a dawn in the country he said goodbye years ago. Karamat Ghori. Now another publishing house in Pakistan — Atlantis Publications - has finally published the book. Title of the book is indeed very revealing. He feels the difference between a fish swimming in the sea and a frog living in a pond. Pervez Musharraf. Out of these six, two are from the army and four chosen by the people and given mandate.

The remaining three personalities are non-politician. To my mind what prevented the publication of his book Bar-e-Shanasayee in Pakistan is only one reason. The purpose of writing this book according to the author is to place on record for posterity certain facts about Pakistan and its political leaders, most of whom did not enjoy the public support, that most of them imposed themselves on the country and its people due to greed.

The book is a combination of both applause and condemnations. It is also a narration of his vast experience. The writer in relevant chapters praised the people he worked with but did not spare them from his critical accusations elsewhere, for example, he called Zia as the person who ridiculed the constitution, brought 8th amendment which was removed by his confidante Nawaz Sharif.

The author feels Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was hot-tempered, proud, shrewd man, whose vanity knew no limits and people of stature would bow before him, but there were people like Noor Jehan who had the courage to defy him.

However, credit for making Pakistan a nuclear power against the wishes of Western powers goes to Bhutto. There are others whom he did not spare. Asif Ali Zardari accompanied his premier wife to Algiers but attended only reception and the last one President Chadli Benjadid hosted that too on the persuasion of Benazir Bhutto. Between the lines he leaves much to ponder.

He says vultures were around Benazir who had no ability to test people though Pakistanis had high expectations from her. The book in a very lucid manner highlights how cultural values revered in one country are construed otherwise in another country. On arrival at the Bangkok International Airport,Gen. He admits law and order in under Ayub Khan and points out fearlessly the wiping out of Qasim Bhatti gang. In the same breathe he hits on the menace of dual citizenship Pakistanis enjoy.

The most convincing and polarizing attack is on Gen. President Demeril advised the general to hand over power to politicians as soon as possible. And the then Prime Minister Bluent Ecevit too did not miss the opportunity to list the damages army interferences cause in a political process. This is not common among their Indian counterparts.

However, on Indo-Pak relations, with others, the former diplomats and army men do participate in panel discussions, which are often organized Indian TV channels. Former Pakistani diplomat shares his experiences of working with political leaders.

November 24, Welcome Mr. It is common for most retired Pakistani bureaucrats, diplomats and army men to record their experiences.


Former Pakistani diplomat shares his experiences of working with political leaders



Book that stirred up a storm in Pak




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