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This wiki is orignally the work of Neil Kolban. As of the first release of the wiki to the public, it is completely based on the IBM BPM book Neil Kolban wrote and has somewhat maintained over the years. Based on feedback from the IBM BPM community, we have decided to convert the book into a wiki so people can have access to all of the great information, and also update the information as it gets out of date.

Neil has multiple books of this type he has written, and trying to keep up with everything just isn't possible anymore. The content within represents innumerable hours of Neil studying and tinkering mostly in the evenings and weekends. It is a loosely related set of articles and notes and little time has yet been spent in polishing the content for clarity and quality … this means it is pretty darn raw.

We also don't claim accuracy or best practices on any of the material found within so use and leverage at your own risk. With the release of IBM Business Process Manager, every page has hopefully been re-read and modified to reflect the change to the new product.

However, there will undoubtedly be places where the old material was not updated. With these disclaimers in place, we hope you find some value within. Lastly, these notes represent our best understanding of a story or technology, there may be errors or misunderstandings. Beware No Comments. Back to top.


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Kolban's Book on IBM Business Process Manager

Over time, I have built and collected information related to the use of this product which I have found to be of value to users, potential users and fellow IBMers. This page presents access to my personal notes, links and other related items that I feel may be of value. In addition, there are definetly inaccuracies in my content and thoughts. I have bundled these together into book format and now make it available as a PDF document available for download.


About this IBM BPM Wiki

The status of the book has long been tied to the time and position the author has in Big Blue. Perhaps converting the document into a series of either markdown documents or a rendered book into a github pages site. We could also add a pipeline for pandoc to regularly produce PDFs. It is pretty much a straight copy of the material Neil had in his original book. The book hasn't been updated in a while, so we're hoping this will allow the community to keep the wiki up to date.

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