Manuali del Samsung Frigorifero - User manual? Manuale Samsung Galaxy Watch, orologio smart, smartwatch. Manual for your application. Knob This knob transmits control change messages. Slider This slider transmits control change. This manual also for: Nanokontrol 2.

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Korg nanoKontrol2 - how to setup this little mother?!?! Thread starter tzilla Start date Nov 22, Hi all, I'm trying to get virtual instruments within Digital Performer to respond volume and velocity control data from this new Korg nanoKontrol2.

There's a good chance i'm a total doofus, but this is not intuitive to me. I've downloaded drivers, manuals, etc. I've got the "Kontrol Editor" application. The manual will say things like "To engage the desired mode, turn on the unit while pressing and holding down the button that corresponds to that mode. It confused me too. I saw that the following information lists for different DAWs what button pushing process to take, and finally at the end the CC mode option.

So, the two options in CC mode the markers and play stop buttons etc probably wont work, so perhaps try DAW mode and then if you need to change CCs open the editor and set them as you want, it's selfevident how to.

MackieControl mode: Digital Performer 1. The kontrol editor will fail to intiate properly if the daw is open and the device is in use. Sometimes it won't work, or will stop working. Not often, but perhaps, sometimes. In which case I have to restart the machine. Other than that it's alright! Good luck by the way! Polarity Senior Member. I just bought the NanoKontrol2 a week ago. Unistalled all and reinstalled from scratch, leaving just the default driver that Win7 automatically installs when you turn it on first time: it works fine now.

Anyway I remember that probably happened the same thing with the older NanoPad that actually I don't use since a long time Polarity said:. I was planning on getting this device, but sounds like it is not user friendly. Don't know if you guy have windows 10 machines and just got the big creators update.

So I will keep reading hear to see how things go before I buy. Good luck guys, Dave. It seems the main issue with the NK2 on Windows at least is that if you have more than 10 MIDI devices installed when installing the NK2 it will assign it a MIDI number and if that number is greater than 10 it won't be recognised by its own editor software. It comes with a tool that you can use to uninstall unused MIDI drivers in order to try and get it in that slot.

Bit of a pain indeed and mine had to be re-done after the Win 10 creator update. It's a great little controller for the money but the software side is rubbish. Rossy Member. Just got it for my birthday today and gave up after about 2 hours.

Will go back and try again later. You must log in or register to reply here. Log in. Top Bottom.


Korg Manuals and User Guides

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HELP!! Please!! Korg NanoKontrol 2 editor

Not really enough info. I've tried all of these, looked in the manuals etc I'll try again. More clear and exacting direction on how to make this work would be great, I love the compact size and portability so I would really like to make this to function. I have the same problem as Andrew. Pro Tools When I try to set it up as a HUI, a message comes up saying that it can't find it.

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