A novel of novels, Confessions is a love letter written by someone who has loved unconditionally; from someone who feels guilty of a violent death; from someone who can't understand the evil that runs through Western history. It is a novel about the soul of Europe, that which we've received and that which we offer to future generations. Originally a novel about teachers, it ended up as the story of a massive revenge in which maquis guerrilla fighters , the Pyrenean landscape, the Franco dictatorship, economic interests, the Vatican, a cat and human passion all play leading roles. The ruthless fight for power in 18th century Barcelona produces a string of victims, some more innocent than others.

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This illustrious family, who have made a lot of money devoting themselves to the textile world, have a factory called Vapor Rigau and a handful of conveniently exploited workers. It is clear that Vapor Rigau will soon stop smoking! The third one in discord is the sister, Mrs. The madness blows up and it is done in the form of an order to make clothes for the soldiers who have to go, by force, to the war in Morocco. In addition, someone has taken care to set fire to the clothes so that the order does not move forward.

Around this group, there are other characters who introduce some salty ingredients to a very intricate story. Skip to main content. Biography Bibliography Prizes Links. Novel Jo confesso, Les veus del Pamano, L'ombra de l'eunuc, Senyoria, La teranyina, Fra Junoy o l'agonia dels sons, El mirall i l'ombra, Carn d'olla, Galceran, l'heroi de la guerra negra, Short stories and novellas Quan arriba la penombra, L'emigrant, Viatge d'hivern, Llibre de preludis, Toquen a morts, Faules de mal desar, Books for children and young readers La Mariona i la menjanits, En Pere i el bosc, L'any del Blauet, L'home de Sau, Theatre Pluja seca.

Carta del Papa a la reina Maria, Non-fiction Tres assaigs, Les incerteses, Itinerari privat,


ISBN 13: 9788484371120

He graduated in Catalan Philology from the University of Barcelona , is a high-school teacher on leave of absence, professor at the University of Lleida , and a member of the Philological Section of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans. During many years he has combined literary writing with teaching. He has also worked in television and cinematographic scriptwriting. He started with two collections of short stories: Faules de mal desar and Toquen a morts

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Jaume Cabré


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