Now its time to see exactly how Organo Gold is revolutionizing the way distributors get compensated. With our compensation plan you get seven 7 different paths to the cash! In fact, Organo Gold decided to put you first and proves it every day becauseā€¦. Never in direct sales history has something so powerful occurred. In fact, in a down economy, having a seven ways to get paid business gives you a tremendous advantage.

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OrGano Gold Compensation Plan The compensation plan that Organo Gold has developed is simply the best I have ever seen in the network marketing industry. In tradition marketing, you only get paid one way, that is retail sales, but in Organo Gold, you can actually get paid upto seven different ways rewarding you well on your efforts. There are dozens of ways you can retail Organo Gold coffee and here are a few basic ideas.

The nuber two way is trought the sales of coffee kits, These are paid out weekly and you will earn RM50 on every bronze kit, RM on every Silver kit and RM on every Gold pack that you personally sold.

The third way Organo Gold pays you is through the Dual Team. The dual team simply means that you are going to build two teams of distributors. One team will be on your left side and the other on your right side. As you place your new distributors that you sponsor into your business, every coffee kit and box of coffee sold has a point value attach to it.

The points are equal to the wholesale price of the coffee. Once a week, the company computer will look at your dual teams point and figure out your paycheck automatically. Once both sides of you teams have reach points or more, Organo Gold will issue you a paycheck. The amount you get paid on the dual team varries by the coffee pack that you joined the business with.

The pay is always figured on the lower point side. As you can see, it pays to join with a gold pack like I did because you get paid double the bronze pack for the exact same amount of work. The fourth way of getting paid is on reorders or autoshipments of Organo Gold coffee. This pays once a month and is the key part in building a long term residual income.

The fifth way lf getting paid is through the matching check part of the program. When you normally train people on your job do you get paid anything extra for training them?

The sixth way to get paid is the generation bonus which pays you for developing leaders in the company. This pays starts when you have developed a Sapphire or higher in the company. AS you can see, the Organo Gold Compensation Plan is very well writen and rewards those who do the right activites in promoting thier Organo Gold businesses. It is the highest paying plan that I have seen and is placing a lit of distributorship in the top paying ranks of the network marketing industry.

Why not get started on your future today by joining Organo Gold International. Email This BlogThis! Sheen Yee 26 March at Anonymous 17 April at Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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"the king of the compensation plan-organo gold"

Organo Gold coffee Why Organo Gold? Health benefits of Ganoderma. Delivery terms. The Opportunity. Encourage and promote the sale of Organo Gold products on a reoccurring basis.

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OrGano Gold Compensation Plan

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The Dual Team Bonus aspect of the plan is calculated through your placement tree, which has two teams, a right leg and a left leg. You will be compensated based on successfully building sales volume within your placement tree. As your group begins to grow, you can earn Dual Team Commissions based on the Total Sales Volume generated in your lesser volume team. The primary percentage of your lifetime residual income. The more you personally refer and the higher your rank, Organo Gold rewards you as you build your organization. As you develop Leadership within your organization, your rewards grow exponentially. When you reach the level of Regional Consultant or above , and as you develop new Regional Consultants and above within your organization, you will be paid down to as many as four 4 generations of Regional Consultant and above.



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