Psychology by James S. Nairne , Paperback. Be the first to write a review. Book may show signs of shelf wear.

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The multistep technique that generates empirical knowledge through systematic observation of the world is: a. Scientific method: a. Scientific method always begins with: a. Scientific method always ends with: a. Which of the following is part of scientific method?

Which of the following is NOT involved in scientific method? A researcher who observes a behavior, detects regularities in the behavior, generates a hypothesis about the behavior, and checks the accuracy of his or her predictions through additional observation is utilizing: a. Which step in scientific method is this?

A hypothesis: a. A prediction about the characteristics of a behavior under investigation is called: a. Bores predicts that if the temperature of a room is increased, then individuals are more likely to act aggressively. Sanchez predicts that if the noise level in a room is increased, then individuals are more likely to make errors on a complex task.

Operational definitions: a. When concepts are defined in terms of the way in which they will be measured, those concepts are said to be: a. Defining intelligence in terms of performance on a psychological test would: a.

Defining TV violence in terms of the number of times someone hits, kicks, or yells at a person or an object within a one-hour episode of a specific show would: a. Defining memory in terms of the number of comprehension questions answered correctly after reading a short story would: a. Defining wealth in terms of total value of assets minus total value of debts would: a. A good operational definition of aggression might be: a. Boser is studying family relations and plans to define family cohesiveness in terms of the number of weekly activities families do together.

Defining family cohesiveness in this way would: a. Pointel is studying aggression and plans to define aggression in terms of the number of times an individual actually strikes another person. Defining aggression in this way would: a. Barant is studying reaction times and plans to define reaction time in terms of the time it takes to press a button on a display panel. Defining reaction time in this way would: a. Defining attachment in this way would: a. Meir is conducting a study and uses heart rate as a measure of general anxiety level.

Defining anxiety level in this way would: a. Descriptive research refers to: a. This effect is known as: a. Loss of external validity can result from: a. Loss of external validity can occur when: a. Frank was a participant in a research study. He felt that his behavior during the study was different from his usual behavior simply because he was being observed. Frank was exhibiting which of the following: a.

Francine was a participant in an observational study, and her behavior changed simply as a result of being watched. Technically, what had occurred? Jiao was a participant in an observational study, and reactivity occurred.

Technically, this means: a. Reactivity occurs when: a. The students in Dr. However, recently there was an observer in the classroom and the participation level was very low. The change in the responsiveness of the students in Dr. Production at the factory was poor, so management had a team of observers film the workers on the job. The films showed everyone working at top speed, and production was the highest in a year.

External validity refers to: a. When the results of a scientific observation are representative of real life, the results: a. Professor Langerman conducted a study which showed that participants were less efficient when they worked in groups, compared to when they worked alone. Professor Langerman has also noticed that compared to individual projects, students are more likely to hand group projects in late.

This suggests that the results Professor Langerman obtained in the efficiency study: a. Professor Haskins conducted a study which showed that participants remembered new material better when they learned the material and were tested on the material in the same setting.

Professor Haskins has also noticed that students tend to do better on term exams when they take the exams in the same room as the one in which the class normally met. This suggests that the results Professor Haskins obtained in the memory study: a.

Naturalistic observation involves: a. When a researcher records naturally occurring behavior, without any interference, the researcher is engaged in: a. One reason researchers use naturalistic observation is to: a. A researcher who stands on a street corner recording the gender of the driver of each vehicle, and whether or not the driver comes to a complete stop at the stop sign is engaged in: a. A researcher who waits by a store exit, recording the general age of each customer, and whether the customer uses the automatic or manual door is engaged in: a.

It is important to repeat observations in a variety of settings to be certain the: a. Participant observation occurs when: a. When a researcher attempts to become part of the activities being studied, in order to unobtrusively observe the behavior under investigation, the researcher is engaging in: a. Channel 6 News heard reports that security regulations were being ignored at the local airport. They had a reporter get a job at the airport so he could find out how security was maintained.

This technique is: a. Tess went to a day care center to study social interactions in young children. She used a hidden camera and she told the children she was a student teacher working there for the day. In this case Tess is using: a. Researchers who investigate the social habits of teenagers by measuring the content of the litter they leave behind are engaged in: a. Museum administrators who determine the popularity of various exhibits by measuring how quickly the floor tiles in front of each exhibit wear out are engaged in: a.

The results of experimental research can be verified using: a. The case study is a research method in which: a. The research method that focuses on a single individual is: a. One of the main concerns with the case study method of research is that: a. Sometimes the observations from case studies fail to generalize to other individuals or situations.

This represents a problem with: a. In order to better understand the links between brain function and behavior, Dr.

Vannoni carefully observed and extensively questioned two stroke victims. Based on this information, it is most likely that Dr. Vannoni was conducting: a. Greene was investigating the effects of weightlessness on general psychological functioning.

Greene was able to locate three former astronauts who had experienced at least 10 days of weightlessness in space. These individuals were tested extensively and questioned in detail about their experiences.

Sybil is a well known book concerning dissociative identity disorder. As an examination of a single individual, the book represents: a. A survey is a research method in which: a. The research method in which a large group of individuals is asked for their opinions is: a. In this instance, the people who were interviewed by the Mayor would be considered to be: a.

In this instance, the 1, people whom Representative Simpson surveyed would be considered to be: a. In a random sample: a. When everyone in the target population had an equal likelihood of being selected to take part in a survey, the researcher has selected a: a.

Survey results will be more likely to accurately represent the opinions of the entire population if: a. Which of the following occurs when each person in a population has an equal chance of being selected to participate in a research study? Naturalistic observation, case studies, and surveys are all examples of: a. At the end of her psychology class, Railene took a test designed to assess how well she had mastered the material. An aptitude test measures: a. In trying to determine which career would fit best with your abilities and interests, you would probably want to take a test that would measure your potential or talent for specific kinds of activities.

The type of test that would measure this sort of potential would be: a. Measures of central tendency: a. The value around which scores in a data set tend to cluster is called: a.


Psychology, 6th Edition

The multistep technique that generates empirical knowledge through systematic observation of the world is: a. Scientific method: a. Scientific method always begins with: a. Scientific method always ends with: a.


Psychology 6th Edition by James Nairne (Instructor’s Edition)

James S. Nairne is the winner of the Charles P. Murphy award, a lifetime teaching award at Purdue University, which at the time had not been awarded to a psychologist for over 30 years. This award reflects Nairne's record of success as a committed teacher and researcher, including the receipt of Purdue's highest teaching award as well as numerous teaching awards from the psychology department and the School of Liberal Arts. He delivered the G.

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