It focuses specifically on her parents, Helen and Bruce, and their role in her life. Bechdel builds the narrative around the tragic event of her father's death. Since coming out as a lesbian in at the age of 19, graphic novelist Alison Bechdel has made it a point to be open about her sexuality. It was a decision she made consciously as a reaction to her father, who was gay and closeted, and who died four months after Bechdel came out. In a way, that was all my way of healing myself. Joan Marcus In , Bechdel's 'healing' took the form of a graphic novel called, in which she details her own coming out and grapples with her father's death, which she suspects may have been a suicide.

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Cars are taxed according to the weight of the car and the size of the engine — the larger and more powerful the car, the higher the fees. To purchase brand-new cars, you can contact the car dealerships in your area. It is possible to negotiate the prices on the vehicles with both private individuals and car dealerships. You can get a loan from your bank or through the car dealership agent. Be sure to check the different interest rates available.

This should be done within 3 days of the change of ownership. Both the previous and the new owner, and any co-owners, must sign the same notification of sale.

The previous owner is responsible for submitting the notification of sale to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The vehicle registration certificate consists of two parts. Part 2 must be submitted in connection with a change of ownership. Part 1 is a document that follows the car. Part 2 must be kept separately from the vehicle.

On re-registration, the buyer receives a temporary registration certificate. It is not permitted to drive in another country with a temporary vehicle registration certificate. When Statens Vegvesen has received the notification of sale, the new owner will receive a bank giro for the re-registration fee. To re-register your vehicle, both the Annual Motor Vehicle Tax and the re-registration fee must be paid.

Note: after you no longer have to pay annual vehicle tax. Instead you pay a traffic insurance tax via your car insurance starting 1 January To re-register your vehicle, you must present valid identification to Statens Vegvesen Norwegian Public Roads Administration. If you do not have this vognkort, you will need to inform Statens Vegvesen. Insurance Insurance the bare minimum is mandatory for all vehicles in Norway. You can select how much insurance coverage you would like to have for your vehicle.

Be sure to check out different insurance companies as the prices can differ by quite a bit. Changing Tyres It is the vehicle owner who needs to evaluate if the tyres on the vehicle need to be changed or not.

Studded tyres may be used from November 1st until the first Sunday after Easter. If studded tyres are fitted there is a charge in Oslo, Bergen and Trondhelm. Stickers are available for purchase daily, monthly or yearly. From October 15th until May 1st you are permitted to use studded tyres in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. There are no restrictions for using non-studded winter tyres all year round. However, the disadvantage of using non-studded winter tyres in the summer is that the tyres will not have the same stability, lateral grip and braking ability that they will have in the winter.

This is partly because the air temperature is much warmer in the summer, and asphalt has a higher temperature than in the winter. Requirements for the tread depth on tyres For summer tyres, the minimum requirement for tread depth is 1.

NAF recommends a min. Storage of tyres The first thing one should do after you have removed the wheels are to wash both the tyres and rims, and remove the stones from the tyres. The ideal storage is to hang the wheels on the wall if you have the opportunity for this, otherwise they should be set up against a wall without other stuff on top.

It should be dark and dry where the tyres are stored. If you do not have space for tyre storage in your home, you can look into tyre hotels dekkhotell. You pay a price to have your tyres stored. They usually also include tyre cleaning and change in the price, together with reminders for you to come in for a wheel change. Different companies offer different deals and conditions. The companies below offer this service: Dekkmann Dekkbutikken Dekk1.

Service and Maintenance How often should you service your vehicle? Self-maintenance of your vehicle At least once a month, you should: Check the engine oil Check the windshield wiper fluid Check the antifreeze coolant Check the brake fluid Check the tyre pressure Wash your vehicle — getting rid of grime and salt in the winter helps to keep your vehicle rust-free.

Fuel Fuel is usually cheaper on weekends especially Sunday evenings , Monday mornings and at unmanned stations. In the Car You need to have a reflective vest and a warning triangle in your car. In addition it is a good idea to have a torchlight, traffic accident form skademeldingsskjema , paper, pen and a measuring band. Dangerous Goods Vehicles which are marked with an orange hazard sign are transporting dangerous goods.

Contact the alarm central before you approach the vehicle. The danger area can be huge if gases were being transported. Traffic Accident Form skademeldingsskjema NAF recommends that all parties involved in a traffic accident fill out a traffic accident form skademeldingsskjema.

If all parties are in agreement of how the accident occurred, only one form needs to be filled out. The form can be obtained from Statens Vegvesen and it is advisable to have a few copies in your vehicle. On the form, all parties have to describe where their vehicles were and what happened. Note that the form is in Norwegian so do not sign it if you are unsure of what it means. It is not compulsory to fill out the form there and then but it helps to prevent conflict between involved parties later on.

Obtain the names, addresses and vehicle registration numbers of all involved in the accident. Motor vehicle liability insurance must be taken out with an insurance company. Car Maintenance What do you need to know about maintaining your car in Norway?

Everyone who is involved in a traffic accident needs to stop and help the injured, secure the accident area and call for the ambulance or police if required. Evaluate the situation. Park your vehicle if possible such that it is not a hindrance to traffic. Have your hazard lights on. Remember to put on your reflective vest before going out of your car to check for damages and injuries.

Set up the warning triangle at least metres from the accident area. Call the police at and ambulance at if required. You only need to dial one number and the alarm central will coordinate the rest. Contact a car towing service if required. If you come across a traffic accident, you have a duty to stop and help should it be required.

If your help is not required, you should leave the accident area immediately. In the Event of Breakdowns Park your vehicle such that it does not cause a hindrance to other traffic. Remember to put on your reflective vest before going out of your vehicle.


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You can access information about your car, order, contract, electronic service cards, electronic claim form SMS services, contact us, service history, fuel history, barring fuel card, roadside mm Welcome to LeasePlan Here you will find links to the most frequently used services. Roadside assistance, service cards, claim form, appointment workshops within 50 km, reg and information about your car. Service Card You have at any time your service card available on the phone. Can be displayed by requisition of services such as workshop and tire services.





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