By Jasmuheen. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal. As I began to collate the data for this book I realized that everyone is hungry for something and that it is our lack of fulfilling nutrition that has created much of the disease and disharmony on our planet today. I also realized that lack of education sustains this state of disharmony and disease as many people are simply unaware of how to tap into a source of nourishment that will create the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and happiness that we all desire.

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By Jasmuheen. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal.

As I began to collate the data for this book I realized that everyone is hungry for something and that it is our lack of fulfilling nutrition that has created much of the disease and disharmony on our planet today. I also realized that lack of education sustains this state of disharmony and disease as many people are simply unaware of how to tap into a source of nourishment that will create the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and happiness that we all desire.

While much has been written and researched on balanced physical nourishment and how to create physical health, very little has been written about nutritional sources that can satiate all of our hungers on both a cellular, and also on a soul level. Nor have many simple pragmatic tools been shared that will bring deep fulfillment to our door. While I have written two other books in the Divine Nutrition Series, in this book I would like to present a very simple, easy to understand method of satisfying all our hungers while also introducing a basic system that — if an individual is prepared to get themselves tuned to the right channel — can also free people from the need to take nourishment from physical food if this is their desire.

However, the formulas, lifestyles and meditations in this book can be utilized by all — the only difference is that for those wishing to still partake in the delight of physical food, we recommend a vegetarian diet for health, sensitivity and resource sustainability reasons.

Level 2 is gaining and applying the tools to get the nourishment we need to attract these things into our field. Both are discussed in this book and tools are provided to successfully achieve both paradigms. As many who have followed my story are aware, after a life time of training, in I began my experiential research — and subsequent recording and reporting on — my journey into the field of The Food of Gods. In this third book we bring the Divine Nutrition reality into perspective with Dimensional Biofield Science and of course we talk further on my favorite topic — which is the God within us all, that force that is all powerful, all loving, all knowing and everywhere, that force that drives our breath and guides us and gives life to all the fields, nourishing and sustaining all that is born, a force that also expresses Itself as Divine Mother love or what I call the Madonna Frequency field.

To this force I give my allegiance, my love and my time, for to know It is to love It and to be one with It allows all our questions to disappear and our inner being to feel truly nurtured and fulfilled. A biofield is the auric field of radiation that surrounds all systems of life, and the field that occurs when two of more systems are magnetized together. Points a , b , and c were covered in the first two books of the series, and points d and e will be addressed here.

Nonetheless, this is not a field that one person is to conquer alone as bridging the worlds is part of a global game of evolution. It is not necessary to have read the other two books to understand what we share in this one.

Each of us has a role to play and each of us carries a piece of a massive program for change, which in itself forms a natural path of our evolution. In time all that we have discovered will be accepted as every day fact and this will come into being from individual exploration coupled with normal standard research by those open to these fields. All I can ask is that all is done with respect and with the good of all in mind. So while The Food of Gods provides information that we have received intuitively from being in the Theta — Delta field some of which can hence only be substantiated by someone who can access these channels and who has the desire to experience this particular gift we will also introduce enough basic Dimensional Biofield Science data to hopefully bridge the realms.

How long it will take to prove what we suggest is really up to the world of science, however proof is in the living and as more and more of us turn to the channel of Divine Love for our nourishment, the quicker our inner and outer worlds will be in peace. Psychologists and metaphysicians have provided copious literature on how to satisfy some of our human hungers and the reasons for them, yet our focus here must remain on providing tools and data on the purest source of nourishment we have, which is Divine Nutrition and the Food of Gods.

When presented in its entirety this still remains a novel — and still mainly experiential — field of research. In order to move deeper into this discussion we need to make certain assumptions of our readers and these are:. As we are not interested in convincing the reader of anything in this book, it is easier if you have done some type of metaphysical reading, although we keep our presentations of the following research relatively simple.

For those who have read all of our previous research manuals we ask you to forgive this necessary repetition. In the writing of this book I was initially torn between wanting to present a simple recipe of level 2 nourishment that will guarantee health and happiness for all and at the same time take the Divine Nutrition controversy — with its gift of level 3 pranic nourishment — a little further into the realm of science.

Ever since my journey began with this I have intuitively hungered to bridge the worlds of science and metaphysics and I hope that my hunger to do this allows me to fulfill both objectives. However the problem that we still have is that modern day science is still too uninformed to make the necessary assessments within the metaphysical fields. Firstly a scientist has to expand their own consciousness to obtain what they need to know and the quantum field needs further exploration and respect before the metaphysical field can be understood, and secondly the fields are not stable, they are static and always changing and even the witnessing of an event will change it.

Dimensional Biofield Science is the science of understanding life in all the dimensions — the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and onward. The human life wave as a God in form exists in all dimensions simultaneously although many still see themselves as a 3rd dimensional model only.

For those who are hungry to know and to be more — this book is for you. To Konrad Halbig and his wife Karen I will be eternally grateful for their decision to publish the first book in this series, and then to later stand tall amid the controversy that the release of this information would bring.

I also give my thanks to the German people whose hearts were touched by my early research enough to walk the path with me and who then proved by their own experience that what I had come to know was also true for them. To the millions who have walked before me and beside me exploring all these fields, I also give thanks, for you have made the journey easier for us all.

To my publishers in Germany, Italy, Croatia, France, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Russia, and Japan, I also give my thanks for your courage to bring such a controversial subject to the public and thus anchor this data deeper within the global field. Evolution has a way of being supported, regardless of our capacity to deal with things that may challenge what we know.

I would also like to thank those who allowed me to gather and share the research of the Qigong and Pranic Healing networks, to also thank Dr Deepak Chopra for his patient attempts to bridge the world of modern and ancient medicines, and Dr Sudhir Shah thank you for your willingness to share your research on Solar Feeding and Dr Karl Graninger for the twenty years he dedicated of his life to study inedia. The studies of these people and all the others credited in my book Ambassadors of Light, has also made my journey easier and for all of their work I remain eternally grateful.

I give thanks also to those who know that what really brings nourishment to us all, is not the chemical reaction of food substances in our system, but the internal Presence of an intelligence that is so wise and loving that to merge with It allows us to satiate all our hungers.

May we all continue to acknowledge and be nourished by this Source. I also wish to give thanks to my family for supporting me all these years as I pushed my physical body and bio-system through extreme cycles in a bid to discover and expand my own limits, and for dealing so graciously with all the controversy that my often very public research has delivered to our door. I love you all dearly. Lastly to all my organizers who — regardless of the controversy — have continued to bring me to their countries year after year so that I could continue to share of our research, again I love you all.

Thank you for feeding me on the inner planes with your love and support. As I began to prepare this book for publication into the Chinese language, I realized that so much has unfolded over the last 11 years since I wrote all that this book contains. These days I prefer to use the term Essence rather than DOW - or the Divine One Within - for the divine force is everywhere, within us and around us as the very Baseline frequency of all creation. These days we also talk about being nourished from the outside in or from the inside out or a bit of both which is great for both our health and planetary resources.

All of this and much more we have now added at the end of this book along with testing methods to ascertain your prana percentage which will allow those called to this to have a safe conversion. These days there are around 50, people in our world who now have this freedom of choice as to whether they wish to receive their physical body nourishment from physical food, or direct from prana or by utilizing a little bit of each just for the game of pleasure.

These days we have new methodologies coming through a variety of different people in many different countries as having this freedom of choice is so beneficial to us and also to our environment so it is a field of research and possibility that will continue to be explored. As at , cancer, diabetes, obesity and so many other dis-eases are on the rise especially within the Western world and yet a simple change in lifestyle can alter all of this and also end all suffering in our world.

The greatest changes I have witnessed over these past 21 years since I began to be nourished in this way, has come from the lifestyle that we recommend to achieve this increase in the pranic flow so that it is flowing strongly enough through us to nourish us.

As people apply this 8 point Luscious Lifestyles Program they get healthier, happier and more harmonious and this is a joy to witness. But what is prana? It is also interpreted as the vital, life-sustaining force of both the individual body and the universe.

Its first expounding came in the Upanishads, where it is part of the worldly, physical realm, sustaining the body and reliant on the mind. Prana suffuses all living form but is not itself the soul. And according to the Qigong Masters from China, the first recorded case of someone being nourished purely by chi was recorded some 6, years ago. From there, cases we discovered in India and now it has finally come more into the West.

So we hope you enjoy all that we offer here regarding some of our own experiential research into this topic! Many people are hungry for love while others hunger for wealth. Our hunger for health and happiness also dominates our time. Right now some people hunger for retribution, while others cry out with a hunger for harmony and peace, or for justice and truth and kindness to prevail and to not send their loved ones to war.

Some people hunger for sensual satisfaction while others seek the spiritual, ready to eat enlightenment like others consume their daily food, for they are driven by a hunger that is harder to explain. Hunger expresses itself in so many ways depending on its depth and the desires that drive it. Whatever the problem in life, scratch the surface of the issue, and you will find that someone is hungry for something. Hunger for power sees the conquest of others while hunger for knowledge sees our growth.

Hunger for communication sees our union with others, while hunger for true food sees us often in lack. Hunger for wisdom sees us reach deep within ourselves as life then tests us to apply it.

Hunger for truth leads us to discover that the Holy Grail is within containing its elixir called Spirit. Hunger for Spirit reveals to us the Divine One Within who reveals Itself to be a master computer controller of a very complex bio-mechanism that pulses with fields that hold life — a 6. Satisfying these vast hungers has consumed the thoughts and time of leaders and sages and the curious alike, though few rarely make the time or have the desire to look at this game in greater depth.

Often many are just too consumed with satisfying the hunger for survival to really find enough nourishment to begin to thrive. Those that do are either pre-programmed to do so, or stumble upon understanding the game of true nourishment through some big change in life.

The common finding among those who seek perfect nourishment is that as soon as one hunger is satiated, another is usually revealed, adding layer upon layer to the complex jigsaw of life. Keeping all our hungers properly fed becomes a time consuming passion and an art. Feeding all our hungers takes time, attention, will-power, desire, focus, dreaming and scheming, money, energy, co-operation and union with others, communication and programming and to do so well we need a fair degree of basic skill.

Feeding our hunger successfully so we are free from feeling hungry on any level, requires holistic education for to satisfy ourselves we need to understand who we really are. To ignore any aspect of how our being, as a 6. If we have never experienced sight we do not know what we are missing, but if we have then we have a greater adjustment to make.

The fact is our DOW — our Divine self — wants us to know It for It is the force behind the mechanism that breathes us and keeps us alive. Although our DOW exists as an underlying creative frequency throughout all our cells and atoms, often Its presence has become a much weaker beat as in Dimensional Biofield Science, what we focus on will always grow. The DOW in basic maintenance mode breathes us and listens to our thoughts and generally lets us play and experiment and suffer as we learn and grow.

Until we begin to ask questions like Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a higher purpose to this existence? Can we all live in peace on earth? Or How can we all get along? Or something similar, our DOW remains relatively dormant and is unable to release Its full potential until It is invited. Thankfully each human bio-system has been equipped with its own perfect and limitless supplier of true nourishment for our DOW has the power to satiate all our hungers.

When we work consciously with DOW power and the river of Grace It naturally commands, our lives become a streamlined flow of ease and joy where nothing feels like a problem and everything operates in perfect harmony and balance within the whole. While we can satisfy our hunger for love or health or wealth, until we satisfy our natural hunger to know our DOW we will never feel fulfilled.

Every being has been programmed to know its DOW for our DOW is our bio-systems intelligent creator, a force that some call God and it is not until we remember It and merge consciously with It that we can be fulfilled.

The Sages call this way of being nourished as accessing the true food of the Gods. The fact is that unless all these hungers are satisfied we will always feel restless as each human being has been encoded on a cellular level with both the knowledge and the tools to satisfy all hungers.


The Food of Gods - Divine Nutrition




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